My dad my hero

Written by Father and Son Darayus and Rustom Tirandaz 4A

My Dad may not be the best at flying kites but he is still my hero, and here is why.

This year the father and son day was packed with excitement for my dad and me. It was the year we had decided that enough was enough and we were going to get that kite up into the air. The first three years of failed attempts was disheartening, but it was also what drove us to make it this year.

We were realistic about our goals and we focused our energies to kite flying. Spinning the top was not our top priority.

The excitement built up as we started out with the father and son races. My dad is the friendly sort and he gets into conversations with others very easily. This bugged me as it was taking away from my time with him and our strategy for the goal we had set out for ourselves.

After I managed to get his attention we analysed our options for the kind of kite and it’s colour. The group of kids who had already been flying their kites with their dads were our test study. We looked for the highest kite in the sky and where it was being flown from. We naturally assumed that it was the best place to be and the wind would do the rest.

So when our turn came we did what we thought was sound science and moved into position. Boy were we wrong! Attempt after attempt we failed miserably and just when we were about to give up our goal, God sent us help. The man who my dad just made friends with and was talking to earlier had seen us struggling and he volunteered to help. He got the kite up in the air for us and we emptied the reel of string till the kite was at its highest. It was awesome! We didn’t get the kite up ourselves but we enjoyed the experience all the same.

I learnt 2 things that day.

  1. Set your goals high.
  2. Don’t get disheartened if you can’t do it yourself. There is nothing wrong in asking for help.
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