My English Literary Club

-Master Aadit Mascarenhas 6A

English literary club is a club in our school where we learn, discuss and share more about English literature.  We are being given various activities in this club,in which Iget to learn new vocabulary words, grammar and mostly how to work like a team. We form smaller groups in the club, discuss and write about a particular topic. It is the perfect place to improve student’s spoken English and to have a command on English language.

The English literary club is held on the second and fourth Monday of every month. The students participate actively in all the events. This club helped in increasing my interest in the English language. It also introduced me to new ideas and concepts.

Some of my friends from the literary club say that it is a nice club for it helps those students who find English language difficult. It helps them to overcome their difficulties – written and spoken – in this language. The teachers make this club   very interesting by telling us jokes and by teaching us history of English authors and Indian authors who made the language so rich. As English is an international language this club develops my interest as well as generates opportunities for me to explore English literature.



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