-Master Pranav Jha 9C

When I got elected as a Student Council member last year, I experienced a special kind of feeling…an awareness of new responsibilities on my shoulders. The only thing that I wished for was to do my best in my duties. The former vice captains as well as the other student council members helped us in getting ourselves in the habit of managing the students’ discipline and movement. ‘5th July 2017’ is one of the most precious memories of my life. Because that was the day I was invested as yellow house vice captain; I took the oath to ‘lead by example’. From that day I had a new passionate beginning. The overnight leadership camp at Don Bosco Lonavla geared us to take proper decisions as a leader and gave us an idea of a true leader who leads by example. ┬áIt helped us to develop our various skills like decision making, following instructions etc.

During the scholastic year, the numerous inter house events charged the leaders with great determination to lead their respective groups.

The most important things I learnt as a student council are:

1) to accept our failures and our shortcomings

2) to learn something from our mistakes

3) to lead ourselves and other onto the right path

The student council has contributed a lot to my skills and I would never forget the memories of these splendid days of my life.

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