16 march, 2017

My experience at ‘rediscover the epic’

– Yohaan B.Panjuani – Std. III D

Hello friends, I would like to share with you my memorable experience in the play ‘Rediscover the Epic ‘. It all started when I was told by our head teacher that I was one of the Boscoite representing our school for the auditions. OH! I was so relieved to see known faces of my friends from school. I was prepared with a poem. As my turn arrived’ I was standing all alone in front of the judge. I felt sudden surge of responsibility, after all it was my school’s reputation!!! I later realized it was our director Ms. Carla Singh who took our first auditions. After these auditions, the wait was long………

I had nearly lost all my hopes, that’s when one day my father told me that I am one of the shortlisted candidates for the play. It was indeed a pleasant surprise. I already started day dreaming about it.

During second rehearsals, I had butterflies in my stomach as I was standing right in front of Raell Miss…..Almost after 15 days, it was my first call of rehearsals. I was very excited to know I had been chosen to play ‘young Ram’  As my journey continued further, during the rehearsals we got used to being called the ‘smallies’ – we were the famous five, all the same age and three of us were Boscoites. I made a lot of friends with people I have never ever met before which made the whole process frightening at first, but since it was a little courageous step that my heart had made, learning to get along was not difficult but all the more fun.  It was just amazing to see children like myself, immensely talented in what they were chosen to do. The eye catching fact was that all of these children were differently abled and were from various NGOs, but amazing nevertheless at what they did. I immediately was taken back to the Don Bosco Christmas Panorama.

I am really grateful that I was provided with such an awesome opportunity by Don Bosco High School, Matunga & ACE Productions.  This amazing process is inarguably going to be a fond memory and a treasured learning experience for me.

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