21 February, 2017

My experience at the Times NIE Quiz

-Amogh Parasuram

My father and myself had participated in the quiz competition conducted at Shishuvan school on Saturday 14th January 2017 at 9AM.I t was jointly organised by the TIMES NIE school magazine along with HDFC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY and Naik Wealth, an investment company.

We reached the campus at 9 AM. There was a long queue of parents and their children from various schools and various suburbs of Mumbai. We had to register at the official counter. After registration, a kit was given to us. In the hall, the parents were requested to sit on one side and the children on the other. A sheet of paper with numbers 1 to 30 was given to both. The programme started on time. The rules were explained in detail interspersed with humour and. Parents had to answer 15 questions and children had to answer 15 questions .There were 180 participants of parent child combination.

The questions were announced one by one. In between the questions also a light hearted humour was maintained. This helped to reduce embarrassment for children in front of parents and vice versa.

At the end, papers were collected and we were told to wait for the results. 6 finalists would be selected from 180 to go for the final round on stage. During this time, there was a presentation from Times of India as to how a newspaper is printed every other day. HDFC life insurance company gave a presentation on the importance of investment for children’s education. Naikwealth had a similar presentation.

The results of the first round were announced. The atmosphere was tense. I was excited when my name along with my father’s name was announced second on the list.

We entered the stage with a sense of pride and responsibility. The rules were now explained for the final round. Since the hot topic currently was of demonetisation, the theme was BLACK MONEY. Every round was on some aspect of black money like Hoarding, Income tax notice, Money laundering etc. However the points were given as imaginary rupees!!!It was challenging and fun at the same time. We answered many questions but were outdone by others in some. Among the finalists were stock brokers, CFO of a finance company, and the Chief General manager of SEBI(Securities and Exchange Board Of India)

The results were announced. We had won a consolation prize!!It included a medal and a certificate. We were very happy. It was the first time I had participated with my father in a quiz, jointly as a team! Food packets were distributed. Photographs were taken with senior members of Times NIE, HDFC life insurance and Naikwealth. My photograph was published in the paper on the following Monday. I felt very happy. I have cut out of it for preserving it. I am grateful to my school and my teacher for giving me this wonderful opportunity.

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