My First Month At Don Bosco High School Matunga

I would like to start by saying that, it always feels different when you change a school, especially when you get attached to a particular school. So far, I have gone to four schools, the last one being a boarding school. I was in that school for three years. Honestly, I enjoyed my stay over there for a lot of reasons; I learnt how to behave with strangers and make new friends. It was the school I got attached to the most.
After my boarding school experience, I always wanted to join a school which had a good sports facility. I wanted to take up the SSC curriculum which has Maths and Science, as I aspire to be an IT professional. As such, I had visited the campus on a few occasions and recall being impressed by its sheer size.
All the schools I had been to, had between 9 to 35 students in a class. I was completely new to the concept of having 50 plus children in a class. Coming to think of it, I am beginning to like it. At Don Bosco, I love the massive turfs where I can play during the breaks. I like the curriculum of the school as well as my class teacher and all the subject teachers. So far there is nothing I have come across, that I don’t really like.
My first month at Don Bosco, has been quite interesting on the whole. Firstly, a complete boys’ school was a new and different experience, as I have always been in a co-ed school. Secondly, it is so rare to have a gigantic campus in a city like Mumbai. I use the canteen facility on some days of the week, the food is really nice. Also, the pay phone facility is good, as I can contact my family if needed. I have a lot of fun in the P.T. periods, as I am much of an outdoor person. Besides that, the joy of being close to home in this city, especially after the boarding school experience…is like icing on the cake.
I have a twin brother, just a minute elder to me. We have always been in the same school, however in different divisions. Now that both of us are in grade nine, our parents decided (with our consent) to keep us in separate schools – to help us develop our own individual identity and for personal growth. Initially I was a bit apprehensive with my brother not being around. However now, after a month in Don Bosco – I can confidently say that I am happy with this decision.
I would like to conclude by saying that I really look forward every day to go to Don Bosco. I enjoy playing sports, and I hope to be a part of the cricket team. I can confidently say that joining Don Bosco, has been one of the best decisions I made.

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