15 March, 2017

My First Theatre Performance

-Master Leon Kothari (Std. IV D)


It all began like this….We had an audition in school for the upcoming play Rediscover the epic by the well known Raell Padamsee’s Ace Productions .We all were excited as we had seen their earlier production Mahatma and were very much impressed with it.

Acting has always been my passion. I have played a few roles in school plays. Last year I even played the role of ‘Brigitta’ in the musical ‘Sounds of Music’ on our School Annual Day. But, this was way different, it meant actual theatre performance wherein an audience of 800 to 1000 people would be watching us. Still I made up my mind to get through the auditions. After clearing the first round in school, I went for the second round of auditions at Bandra. I felt jittery to see many kids in different get ups and holding props, yet, as soon as I reached the stage, I was my own self and delivered my best. After a month of waiting, my mom got a call from the production house informing that I have been selected for the role of Madhav. I was elated. With this began a journey which took five months to reach its final destination.

All of us, the selected kids from various mainstream schools all across Mumbai and the eight NGO’s were called for rehearsals once a week. The rehearsals were amazing, they were an experience in itself as Miss Karla, the director would guide us with our roles, helping with the pronunciation, expression, demeanour etc .My portrayal of Madhav was no different from my actual self, he had to be a sweet and naughty kid of a modern family .The play takes this present day family to the Ramayana world which helps them fight their inner turmoil and demons. Between the practice sessions, we got enough time to interact with each other and so we became friends in no time.

With the performance days approaching, be rehearsed each day. It had become very tiring as we had to manage both the school and the rehearsals as well. The excitement started mounting when the technical rehearsals at The Royal Opera House began a week before the actual performance. Every single person was working really hard and finally the day arrived when we had the preview – our first show. All the kids played their part well and the audience cheered us. I was super excited to see the smile on my parents’ face .We had five shows lined up and I tried to be better with each of my performances.

With the end of the final show, all got so emotional that we hugged each other and promised to stay in touch, just then a sweet surprise came from the producer Raell herself that we would be having a second season in June. Our joy knew no bounds. We all received goody bags and certificates for participation. But to me ,it was more than that – an experience worth a lifetime, a mix of literary knowledge, theatre exposure, backstage management and over all understanding the value system which believes in creating EQUAL OPPORTUNITY FOR ALL.

I loved being a part of it. The experience will guide me forever!!

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