My Mother 

– Pratik Sonavane: 9E

 You made me better and the world I live in.

Your teachings made me not to sin.

Such were the gentle hands of a woman

Who went on to teach me like a nun.

She is the creator of my world,

And I am her creation.

Together we suffered from sorrows

Without you there is no fun.

The woman who made me, had such great deeds.

I don’t need to explain, what is her need

She taught me, what I know now.

All the time, I wondered just how.

How did she do it all alone?

A power, she has, to make diamond out of stone.

Such was the life of a woman,

Who had an enlightened soul

And only one goal.

I still remember how she fed me soup from the bowl.

This was her goal.

While giving me my tea

She always told me,

“Blow out the heat or you will burn yourself”

All she did when I needed help.

And in winter she told me to wear my gloves

This was her way to show some love.

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