-Master Pehzan Motafarm 6 A

I study in Don Bosco High School, Matunga which is run by the Salesians of Don Bosco. My school is open to all religions, cast and creed. I particularly love the school church which is located in the campus itself and open to all. Also we have an extensive ground. The school promotes a lot of extracurricular activities like football, hockey, athletics, cricket, speech and drama. We indeed have an outstanding football team that always emerges as a winner in almost every tournament. My school takes interest in sports as well as academics and this is an important aspect of character building.

We Boscoites always look forward to the Sports Festival where every student participates in various games. This helps build our team spirit and cultivate a feeling of sportsmanship. Our annual day programs are like Diwali or Christmas celebration; it’s the most spectacular event where every student of every class participates. It is a proud moment to have over 2500 children on stage.

I look up to our Principal Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes for guiding us in the right direction and attending to our issues. He is a ‘GUIDING STAR’ for all teachers and students. The biggest lesson I have learned from him is to have a goal in life and that there should be no end to our learning process.

My school provides good digital knowledge which is very practical in our learning. My school has large computer and chemistry labs. We also have our very own Don Bosco App on Android and IOS where school related information can be obtained. I am proud as well feel honored to study in this school which has the facilities and infrastructure akin to an international level as well.


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