Nehru Science Centre Field Trip – Std II A   (17.01.2020)

I was looking forward to visit the Nehru Science Centre. It was a very huge place. I saw train engines displayed. There were busts of Indian Scientists displayed in the garden. There were statues of pre-historic man, dinosaurs, etc. I saw a human skeleton, too. Then I saw a map of the world, typewriter, scientific games, etc. It was amazing! I think I will visit this place more often.

-Aryan Shadija

It was field trip day for us on 16th January, 2020. We were taken to the Nehru Science Centre. We reached the place by our school bus by 10 o`clock. We were taken there because we had learnt about our sense organs in Awareness. There we saw statues of great scientists like A. P. J. Kalam, C.V. Raman, etc. I also saw the various internal organs and many other things. It was a wonderful experience for me.

-Hassaan Saiyed

On 16th Jan, 2020, the students of Std II were taken for a field trip to the Nehru Science Centre, Worli. The field trip was organized to help us understand various topics in Awareness taught in class. We enjoyed videos on dinosaurs and sense organs. We also saw different innovations in science and technology. A visit to the Nehru Science Centre was interesting, fun-filled and very informative for us children.


We visited the Nehru Science Centre for our field trip on 16th January. It was a fun learning experience for us. There was an outside area dedicated to all the great Indian scientists like Homi J. Bhabha, C. V. Raman and others. There was also a large Sound and Hearing room where we could play on the floor piano, the virtual harp and check our hearing range among other things. I liked seeing the huge dinosaurs and playing with the colourful picture screen. I completely enjoyed my field trip and hope to visit it again during my summer vacation.

-Ethan Fonseca

We went to the Nehru Science Centre for our field trip on 16th January. Our Class Teacher came alongwith us. We enjoyed ourselves while on the bus. Once we reached there, we saw many interesting things like trains, games, skeletons, animals and stones. We learnt many things. Our teacher took many photographs of us. I liked this place a lot.

-Harnek Singh Matta

We visited the Nehru Science Centre for our field trip on 16th January. We saw models of old trains and their engines, sculptures of great Indian scientists, different types of wheels, etc. one of the rooms, named Science For Children was full of knowledgeable things. It had many exhibits on energy, sound, transport, etc.


The Nehru Science Centre is a huge place filled with scientific things to explore. I saw many things like statues of famous Indian scientists, trains, dinosaurs, wheels, internal organs, stone-age cave, etc. I really enjoyed this trip and learned many things. I hope this will help me in the future.

-Abel Wilson

Once we entered this wonderful place, I saw a Superbug flag. This place is very silent. It is like a zoo but filled with scientific things. I enjoyed this field trip because I learnt many things like how the internal organs in our body work, etc.

-Balakavish Muthukumar


When we reached the Nehru Science Centre, we were shown models of our sense organs, skeleton, different animals, cycles, etc. It was wonderful creating our handprints by pushing our hand against a bed of nails. Our teachers helped us a lot in understanding the various objects. If given a chance, I would like to visit this place again.


I was very excited about this trip. The Nehru Science Centre is an amazing place having many amazing scientific projects. I saw the early means of transport and models of pre-historic man. I thoroughly enjoyed this field trip alongwith my friends.

-Jonathan Ryan

The exhibit I liked the most was that of the human heart; we enjoyed walking through it and hearing the heartbeats.

-Addison Fernandes


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