-Kenneth  Rodrigues  Std. IX

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

(Soham Shastri of Std. IX has done it all, from being captained, to captaining his own team and making a splash at the national level. In the National Children’s Science Congress 2016 Soham reached the national level with his project on ‘Natural Lubricants’, but in 2017 he captained his own team to the pre- international level. His project aimed at reducing the ubiquitous harmful plastic, and replacing it with eco-friendly bio-plastic. Soham’s team breezed through all the rounds of the National Children’s Science Congress. Soham was awarded an A grade for his presentation and citation at the nationals

He may at times look lost, but put him in a science lab, and Soham is in his element.  The lab is his haven where he can be himself. “He is a keen observer and a listener. He enjoys taking on challenging experiments and arrives at accurate conclusions. He delves deeply into the subject and is an ace researcher,” opines his research guide, Mrs. Anita Philip.  When asked, what sets him apart from the rest and gives him the winner’s edge, he says, “It is my curiosity and my love of   science and nature that keeps me going”.

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