.“Nutrition isn’t just about eating it’s about learning to live.”

This was a superb experience. I was proudly showing off to everyone in my family the first meal made by me. I learned the basic eating habits and importance of nutrition in our daily life and how important it is to be healthy. Learnt the reality of Junk food and cold drinks. It is very important to learn and implement such habits from early age for a better life ahead. The quiz too was so much fun and got to know few things about food and its inventions. A big shout out thank you to our Kashmira Teacher for making this online class so delicious and making us do a creative activity.

Jiyaan Shah IV D


Thank you teacher. We all loved the recipe and want to prepare more scrumptious delicacies in our online class.

Athaang Shirkar IV D


Today teacher co-related the topic in E.V.S. I Variety in Food and made us aware of nutritional values. I was very excited as teacher had asked us to keep a few veggies grated like carrot, cucumber salt, pepper, mayonnaise, bakery bread, a knife, tooth-picks and rolling pin ready for the online class to conduct the activity for the day. Teacher helped us with the steps to make the yummy bread roll with the above food items explaining importance of the nutrition content of each food item. It was fun and we enjoyed the activity. Then teacher told us to have the snack we prepared. I also share it with my parents, they also liked it very much. Today I did not miss school at all. Thank-you teacher.

Daksh Kochare IV D


At first, it seemed we will be shown videos on Nutrition, how we should eat nutritious food and maintain a healthy diet. But when Kashmira Teacher sent us the list of food items to be brought for the activity I was excited and thought “it’s going to be more than just watching videos, we are going to cook”. So as always she made us all curious and excited about the activity day in the online class.  Teacher showed us all a wonderful presentation and videos on why we should have a healthy diet consisting of vitamins, proteins, fibre, carbohydrates, minerals. It was very informative and highly useful as we all are involved in some kind of sports activity. Then she illustrated how to make yummy bread rolls. With some slices of bread, grated cucumber, carrot, mayonnaise, salt and pepper we all made delicious bread rolls. I am going to make these regularly at home with a few yummy additions like paneer, chicken and more suggested by teacher. Kashmira Teacher too was making the bread rolls along with us. She always participates in our activity, so activity days are always fun. She keeps the class engaged just as in the classroom and we do not even realise that we are at our own homes and not together. Thank you Teacher for yet again making this activity enjoyable.

Rushaan Marolikar IV D


We celebrated Nutritional Day on 13th February, 2021. Teacher explained the advantages of healthy food and disadvantages of the junk food that we consume every day. The songs and the quiz were exciting. I loved making the bread roll and also enjoyed eating it. It was a fun filled day and I learnt a lot about balance diet. Thank you teacher for those activities and I thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Aagney Vijayan IV A


Nutritional day was celebrated virtually on 13th February, 2021. She showed us videos related to healthy eating habits.  She shared information on having balance diet and meals. It was very simple and easy to understand.  She spoke about different vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates that are essential for our body. Activity of making a bread roll was amazing. It was a very informative session. Thank you teacher for such a lovely session.

Meeraj Soman IV A


We the boys of the Primary Section celebrated Nutritional Day on 13th February 2021. It was a virtual celebration. Our class teacher gave us useful information about this day. She briefed us about the meaning and importance of balanced diet. She presented a PPT and explained to us in detail about this day. The activity that was conducted was amazing. We prepared a bread roll. I enjoyed rolling the bread with the rolling pin. The bread roll was delicious. I shared it with my family and they too enjoyed it. I would like to thank my teacher for conducting such a wonderful and informative day for all of us.

Saarth Surve  IV C


Today 13th February 2021, we celebrated Nutritional Day. Our teacher told us the difference between healthy food and junk food. The teacher informed us that we need to drink plenty of water in a day. To avoid on beverages and drink fresh juice. Everything that we eat or drink must be limited or it may cause a bad effect on our health. We prepared a bread roll. The teacher demonstrated the steps of the same and we followed her instructions. It really turned out to be a big hit. I loved the taste, it was yummy. The session was very informative and fun filled. I enjoyed the day thoroughly. Thanks to our teachers.

Agnelo D’Souza IV C


Toady, 13th February 2021, the students of Std. IV celebrated Nutritional Day on a virtual platform. The teacher screened a song on Nutrition, Healthy food and Junk food etc. She explained the meaning nutrition, the food pyramid etc. I enjoyed solving the quiz which the teacher presented to us. I was waiting for the most exciting part. It was the activity that was to be conducted by the teacher. When it was activity time we were all excited to do it. The teacher showed us the ingredients and instructed us to follow it. We prepared bread roll which was very tempting and I couldn’t wait for to taste it. I quickly popped one in my mouth and enjoyed every bit of it.  Thanks to our teacher who explained to us about the importance of eating healthy food.

Ayaan Sakarwala IV C


We the students of Std. IV had Nutritional Day. It was a virtual celebration. Though it was on a virtual platform we enjoyed every bit of the session. Our teacher started the session by screening a Nutrition song for us, later she explained through a PPT the importance of a balanced diet and why is it important to have it. We all enjoyed doing the activity that was conducted by our teacher. The bread roll was looking yummy and tempting. In the end we had to do a worksheet. The entire session was a fun filled and informative session for all of us. Thanks to our dear Head Teacher and teachers who take the trouble to conduct such fruitful sessions.

Atharva Matkar IV C

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