Master Rudra Shetye – Std 4A

One of those days of the year, for which we Boscoites wait eagerly. The day we are with our friends from morning till evening, which is ideally the case every weekday, but this time without the books. Yes, it is the day of Don Bosco picnic.
We were heading to the Panoramic Resort at Panvel that day, but the preparations actually started a day before. Keeping the uniform ready, labelling all our belongings, getting the snacks tiffined, packing the bag with the day’s requirement and a sleepless night of excitement, waiting for the sun to rise as soon as possible.
At the first ray of the sun, we were on the get set go mode!
The bus must have experienced the energy packed in it in form of a full class of highly charged up boys ready for an action packed day. Sharing of snacks from each other’s tiffin, funny talks & group games added the charm of the bus for onlookers, but we made sure to keep the bus tidy.
We seemed to be a disciplined lot of students while getting off the bus at the water park and in no time, we were ready with our swimming gears, in position to jump in the water, which was waiting to entertain us for the entire day. Adventurously, but carefully we managed to enjoy all the slides and rides in the water park. Sometimes scarily or sometimes with the help of motivation from friends standing behind we did go through the difficult rides too. Though food was not a priority for the day, ice cream and noodles did manage to tempt us to take some time off the water.
Before we could realize, it was time to reverse what we did at sunrise. From swimming gears, back to school uniform, from water, back to the bus, from panoramic resort, back to Don Bosco!
On the way back, the bus made us experience the warm and cosy energy it had, as we all slid in our seats, tired but excited, carrying back one more set of memories to cherish.
To make this day possible in our lives year after year, behind the curtains we do know how much our teachers and all who took care of us must have put their efforts, and it is because of you all that we are able to make memories of such moments.

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