(A student reports on NCC/RSP/Scouts/Cubs day)

-Karthik Raamakrishna

 The NCC, RSP, Scouts and the Cubs troops of Don Bosco Matunga exhibited a true sense of nationalism, social responsibility and leadership as they hosted their Annual Day on 13th February. The NCC cadets displayed various ship and gun models, charts on the history of the Indian Navy, flags used for inter-ship communications, their uniform and sung their anthem with eminent pride and patriotism, showcasing unity and discipline. They shared some of their personal experiences at INS Ashwini, trekking and ATC and NIC camps.

The Scouts paid tribute to Lord Baden Powell, the founder of scouting. They came up with gadgets like shoe rack, raft, watchtowers, pioneering projects such as the Monkey Bridge and Commando Bridge and also explained their uses in scouting. They exhibited best out of waste items as a part of their initiative to protect nature and books related to scouting and spoke about the Boscoree and Jamboree camps.

The RSP based their theme on signs and symbols related to road safety. They displayed their logo, posters enlightening on necessity of wearing helmets, using zebra crossings and urged the students not to jaywalk as safety is in their own hands.

In the morning talks, the leaders of the three troops addressed the students on their motto and purpose. The cubs also known as the wolf cubs went class wise to demonstrate the various knots the common ones being the fisherman knot, the bowline knot and the reet knot. Videos were shown in the classes by the RSP troop which threw light on the appalling statistics of road accidents in India as well as our duty to be following the traffic norms.

“The NCC training over the last 2 years has inculcated a sense of discipline, comradery and leadership in me- the qualities that are essential as we move ahead into our adult life and more importantly has encouraged me to consider joining the armed forces and selflessly serve the country,” said Akarsh Nair, the activity vice-captain of the school.


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