-By Heramb Podar and Darryl Pinto, X C

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September 19:

It was indeed a day of exposure of the highest order for the students of standards VIII, IX and X as they got to know about the Swiss education system and the possible opportunities to study under the same as part of summer courses and undergraduate courses, beginning from July in Switzerland.


We were given a mind-boggling introduction to amazing facts about the country- from its population, to its language and culture. The students also interacted with the directors of the various Swiss institutes present and got to discover more about the institutes with respect to the curriculum, teachers and campus.


Some of the outstanding features of these curricula, we got to know, were the excursions to cheese and chocolate factories, visiting popular cities of Switzerland and even horseback riding, kayaking and skiing, along with documentary club, drama club and vocabulary club activities.


We viewed videos of the various institutions and were given brochures detailing information on the same. Some of the courses offered during summer would be fashion designing, photography, digital media and the like.

We learned that Switzerland welcomes students into a multi cultural environment and a world of respect and understanding with international schools, accommodating students of over 50 nationalities, providing a multi lingual education and preparing the young for life on a global scale.

All in all, it was a learning experience for the students interacting with the directors, along with gaining firsthand information about the opportunity to go abroad for higher studies.


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