-Master Dhruv Dalvi 8B

“What is parental love?” or “What do you mean by parental love?” Parental love is a bonding between a child and his parents which no Mighty or Immortal can break. “It’s a sign of unconditional, incomparable love between family members.

Some among us are not fortunate enough to experience parental love. They are the ones who understand what parental love is. On the other hand those of us who have a family do not care about it and take it for granted. It said “You know what’s your place when You step in his boots.” We are mindless at times of our words to our parents when we are angry without caring about their feelings and how humiliated they feel. Sometimes they too feel bad for their words said in anger but we must understand that all is said for our good so that we don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Family is just not about a mother, father, brother and sister. It’s incomparable, unbreakable love between the members whom we blindly believe, and in whose presence we feel secure and feel free to share our feelings. Our family; above all, our parents are an invaluable gifts that God has blessed us with.

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