Personality Development Session -Std. III

Personality Development… Personal Development …Self Improvement

Today our teacher conducted Beyond Academics on Personality Development in the online platform. I was quite puzzled with the meaning of the word ‘personality’. I understood the meaning when she put forth its definition and explained in simple words. A person’s personality can often suggest their internal thoughts, feelings and behaviour. It also helped me to ponder on my strengths and weaknesses, positive and negative personality. I realized that at times I have also behaved badly. It helped us to understand the importance of keeping a smile on my face. A smile brings happiness to people around us. I need to be sociable and needs to keep an eye contact while interacting with the others.
Jonathan Ryan III A

This academic year (2020- 2021) Beyond Academics session was conducted by our very own teachers. It was well explained with the help of videos and a PPT. Our teacher explained the topic with examples and story for us to understand. Personality development helps to identify the qualities of a person that makes that person different from others. Personality is what makes a person unique. It plays an essential role in improving one’s communication skills. We need to master the art of expressing our thoughts and feelings with utmost care. As a young boscoite, I understood the fact that Personality matters.
Clyde Mendonca IIIA

Personality development is the pattern of the thoughts, feelings and behavior that distinguishes individuals from each other. These are the words which our teacher used to explain the term’ Personality development’ which was a difficult word for us. It is also a process of developing and enhancing one’s personality. The session made us think on our positive and negative behaviour. It taught us some important lessons of life. I have gained confidence and self-esteem through the session conducted. I have learnt the need to appreciate, to plan ahead, to be sociable and to be kind to others. It was an informative and life changing experience.
Shalomraj Michael III A

Personality development session has helped me to understand that I am a special and wonderful creation of God. I need to be cheerful and keep everyone happy around. My teacher taught us to be an optimistic. We need to face the challenges in our life with a smile on our face. I also enjoyed decorating the ‘Me Bag’. I also wrote two good qualities of mine on it. It was a good learning experience.
Rezin David III A

The long awaited Beyond Academics session was conducted on 16th September, 2020. The topic was ‘Personality Development’. Through the explanation of our teacher I understood the topic well. Personality development is to make our self
better. I will follow the important points taught by teacher to improve my personality. We can become better by helping those in need. And we should not fight but be friendly with everyone. We have to be kind and honest. We need to be humble and respectful. Never make fun of others. I thank my teacher for providing us with a beautiful opportunity to change our self.
Adyan Patel III A

Shaping good personalities for a bright future
I really liked the Personality Development Session held today. I saw a video of the different qualities people have and realized that I too have some of these. We should not be shy or afraid to talk about these. I learnt that I can overcome my weaknesses and become a strong and good citizen of my country.
Nuren Shah III B

The online Personality Development Session was a very interactive session. We learnt to inculcate good values in ourselves. We are ready to overcome our weaknesses now. We enjoyed all the videos and presentations shown to us.
Nayam Jain III B

In today’s Personality Development Session, I saw both good and the not so good qualities which a person has. I liked the ‘ME BAG’ concept in which we had to put our good qualities and our weaknesses. Later when we improve ourselves we have to discard the weaknesses from the bag. With the help of this concept a person can develop more and more good qualities in himself. I learnt that by improving our qualities we can improve our personality.
Heet Chauhan III B

I am very fortunate to have attended the online Personality Development Session held today conducted by my class teacher. The objective of this session was to help us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We are lucky to learn about personality at the age of eight. I am motivated to keep my strengths and overcome my weaknesses. I thank my class teacher for conducting the session in an interesting way.
Montes Fernando III B

In the Personality Development Session, I saw some interesting and educational videos. I learn about different Personality types and Tips for a good personality. I have learnt about positive body language and to be optimistic. I have learnt to be confident, responsible and humble.
Aditya Alle III B

In today’s Personality Development Session, I learnt the importance of having a good personality. I learnt the importance of good manners and good body language. One’s behaviour and way of speaking speaks a lot about his personality.
Raj Kadam III B

‘Beauty gets attention but personality gets the heart’.
I saw attractive and colourful videos for better understanding of Personality. The activity of creating a ME BAG helped me to understand myself better. Our teacher explained various personality types with relevant examples related to our daily life. Every student was encouraged to write about his good personality traits and those that need to improve in a worksheet and also for the ME BAG. It is always wonderful to listen to our class teacher’s explanation. To be a good person by heart and have values is important.
Daksh Mahadik III B

Today 16th September 2020 , was yet another day of home lockdown but I was very excited to attend our online session on Personality Development conducted by our class teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas. A few days ago we were told to create and decorate a bag called the ME BAG. During the session our teacher explained to us how one can make one’s good qualities their strengths and how one can try to get rid off one’s weaknesses. We learnt through video clips how good qualities help us to become good human beings. In today’s world family bonding, respect for different cultures, peer group bonding are extremely important for our Personality Development. I am fortunate to be a student of this school where values are given importance and such interesting sessions are conducted for us.
Aashmann Savardekar III B

We had personality development session on 16th September in our online class. I liked it very much. It urged me to think of my own strengths. I also thought of my weaknesses which I need to develop. Teacher taught us about the good qualities which we forget in our day to day life i.e. to be kind, loving, helpful, caring , patience etc.
Royston Lobo III C

On 16th September we had personality development session through the online platform. The best part of the activity was that we made a ME Bag which spoke more about us and about the qualities we have. The activity created a positive environment. I got to know more about the positive qualities of my friends which helped me to know them better. This session has helped us to improve our communication skills and how to develop personality that makes you stand apart from the rest.
Rithvik Shenoy III C

The activity was nice and awesome. It was fun and I enjoyed a lot. The session was very helpful. I learnt something new. I got to learn to be more helpful and caring in the future.
Lhungoumuon Haokip III C

Yesterday we learnt about personality development which was very helpful to us. We learnt more about positive and negative personalities. I will make sure that I follow them. I will also improve myself. Thank you teacher for teaching us good qualities. I enjoyed the session.
Shreedhar Nadar III C

“She came, She saw, She conquered…..our hearts!
We were captivated by the perspicacious wisdom and earthy explanation of Ms Nerissa, love with her interactive session on the Topic, Personality Development”
She demonstrated through personal example that it’s possible to transform oneself from a self-critical to a self-appreciating person. It was an opportunity that every kid came to know their positive and negative qualities they have. As today’s world is full of competition, kids need to be “made aware of their own skills” which will prove useful to them throughout their life. We thank Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, Head Teacher of the Primary Section, Ms Nerissa and the members of the management who had taken this effort and certainly showed the kids how to love themselves.
Rishon Jayakumar III C

Hola!! On 16th Sept, Beyond Academics was held for Std. 3 on the topic Personality Development. Our teacher Ms. Alareen showed us videos on different qualities that people have. For the class we were asked to prepare and decorate a ME BAG in advance without qualities mentioned on it.
I designed my bag as the ocean. As the ocean is full of countless treasures, I too have many qualities within me – some discovered and many yet to be explored. The session made me understand more about myself. It is going to be an exciting journey for me, discovering Myself. Thank you
Lathaniel Gomes III D

We had a very interesting “Personality Development” session in our online class. Alareen teacher told us the qualities in a person displays his ‘personality’. All of us made a ‘Me Bag’ and decorated it beautifully. Everybody had written one of their qualities on the bag. Teacher showed us the slide of an ant working hard and collecting food for winter.
Teacher told us not be in a nutshell. We have to be open minded. We should do all good things, always look ahead and never give up.
Teacher also shared with us a video on personality development. There were tips in the video to help us improve our personality. I am going to follow the tips given to improve my personality.
Malhar Gargote III D

In the personality development session, I learnt various qualities of personality like being popular, responsible, hardworking, creative, etc. Some of the qualities I found in my personality too. i.e. curious, optimistic, creative, hardworking. Also, I learnt various positive approaches of attitude of how to stay positive at any time and any situations, how to handle difficult situations etc.
Vihaan Tawde III D

We all possess different habits, qualities that sets us apart from the rest. A mix of good and bad qualities define how we respond to situations and people. We can change our qualities if we want to change them. We can become the best of ourselves if we want to. Few things we should remember are:
We are incomparable. We need to be kind to ourselves and others. We need to give space to imperfection. Be confident. Be a better communicator. Be warm and approachable. Stay enthusiastic. Stay calm and never give up easily. Always remain positive. Do things our way, with our own style, with passion and a relaxed mind.
Personal development is more than just working on talents we already have but it is a part of Self – awareness, it is about growing, developing and increasing abilities that we can use to affect this world.
Zeeshan Sayed III D

I have good and bad qualities both, but I will improve my bad qualities by changing my behaviour, so that people around me can be happy, so will I.
Personality development taught us that we should enhance our good qualities and try to change and improve our bad qualities. So that we are always happy and make others happy.
Pushkal Chowrasya III D

Hard work makes a successful life,
Selfishness does not help to make good friends,
Anger will always spoil life,
Good habits and good food maintained good health,
Bad habits always make the surrounding bad.
Mclane Louis III D

The personality development online class was very interesting. I made a Me Bag. I had written good qualities and decorated the bag. Our class teacher showed us a video on personality development. I found the session very interesting.
Aryan Shadija III D

I learnt several new things about myself in the personality development session. It helped me understand the good and bad qualities I have. The “Me Bag” was a fun activity and also a good tool to understand myself. I loved the session and would like to participate more in such sessions. Thank you.
Kiaan Shetye III D

Due to personality development session we learnt about how to develop our skills and knowledge. It is important to be a good listener and confident in

Sahej Singh III D

On 16th September there was a session on Personality Development. Teacher taught us how we should be, she asked all the boys about our good qualities. Then she showed a nice video about Personality Development. I felt very nice about the class and it made me remember that we should not be lazy. We should be kind and helpful.
Thank You Teacher.
Aakash Chaskar III D






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