Raell Padamsee Annual Day- Std 4 A

Raell Padamsee Annual day was well organized. I personally felt that it has helped me to develop my confidence. I enjoy all the activities that they plan for us.  Special thanks to all the Raell Padamsee teachers for their hard work and patience.

-Parth Bhuvad

Raell Padamsee classes are real fun. We literally wait for these classes.  I learnt speech exercises, dialogues and poems which have helped me to be more expressive and improve my communication skills.

-Neil Rebello

Raell Padamsee classes have helped each one of us. Be it a poem, or a speech exercise we the boys have mastered all that they have taught us. I want to thank the Management and our teachers for providing us this platform to improve our vocabulary.

-Pratham Kapoor


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