Std I-D
Read a book… Expand your mind…
Readathon Day helped me to know the benefits of reading. Our teacher told us that reading helps us to improve our vocabulary. I would like to thank my teacher for motivating me to read more books.
– Aaditya Panchal

I liked the story about the Magic Paint brush. If I get a magic paint brush I would like to help the people in need. I enjoyed making the mini book where I got to write my own story.
– Daksh Dansingh

I read many story books at home. Now as we celebrated Readathon day I would
also love to draw the different characters in the story as I did in the activity while preparing the accordion book.
– Ekaansh Trasi

Reading is fun. I liked the story of the Magic Paint brush because it taught me
not to be greedy. I enjoyed preparing the story booklet.
– Kaden Dias

The Online Readathon activity was very enjoyable for me as I got to make a small cute Accordion Book and write my own story about The Magic Train. Making the book was so much fun that I made two books, one green and one blue.
– Ansh Gujarathi

I really enjoyed watching the Magic Paint Brush story. Readathon Day helped
me to be more creative in writing my own story.
– Aarav Singh

Std II D
I felt very happy to write and create my own book, it was very exciting and I
enjoyed it very much.
– Ronan Vaz

Today we celebrated Readathon Day. It was a fun and informative day. I
learnt many facts about reading. I started reading now and enjoyed the day.
– Aditya Khare

I learnt to read stories and created my own story book. It was a superb session.
I enjoyed it.
– Akarsh Rampelly

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
Today’s session was very exciting and useful as we came to know the
importance of reading .Reading helps us in learning many new words. The story of the Empty Pot gives us the message that we should always be ourselves and follow our own path even if others think it is wrong. The story teaches us to be confident and have the courage to speak the truth and shine in our own way. Always be true to yourself even during difficult times.
Avaneesh Manikandan

Importance of Reading
I enjoyed the Readathon day. I understood the importance of reading. Reading
can make me smarter. Reading gives me confidence, good vocabulary and
improves my spellings and also improves my thinking power.
– Ruel Rodrigues

Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.
-Today we celebrated Readathon day in our class. Teacher taught us interesting facts about reading. We were told to prepare and write our own story in a booklet. We also made a bookmark. Reading keeps our brain healthy.
– Joshua Britto

Today we had our Readathon Day. One interesting thing I came across – if we read just 15 minutes a day… in one year, that is by the time I reach Std III, I would have read over 1,000,000 words..
Uff.. That;s a lot!
Great Reasons To Read…
– Read to understand the past .
– Read to explore our world.
– Read to plan for your future.
– Read to create great things.
– Read to make a decision.
– Read to have fun.
– Read to exercise your mind.
– Read to keep in touch.
– Vihaan Pawar

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.
Today we celebrated Readathon day. I loved the story shown by our teacher
The empty Pot. I read a story daily during bedtime. Teacher told us to
prepare a booklet and write a story of our own. I enjoyed writing a story on my
pet dog. I learnt that reading improves reading and writing skills.
Thank you, Ms. Mohini
– Ujjwal Kotian

Today we celebrated Readathon Day in our virtual class. Our teacher showed us
an interesting story, The Empty Pot, from which we learnt that truth always
wins. A ppt was shown to guide us how to make a story using our own ideas.
Thank you, Ms. Mohini for making our day very exciting and interesting.
– Aniket Nayak

Today we celebrated Readathon day in our online session. I got the experience of
how to write stories. I love to read stories. I wrote my own story Raju and Santa Claus. I like the behaviour of Raju, what he does at home, helping his mother and
listening to her.
– Harsh Nawale

Std II A

Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.
Today my teacher explained to us the importance of reading, how reading makes you smarter, confident, improves vocabulary, spelling and even writing. It is good exercise for our brain. The story which was shown to us gave us a good moral. The more you practice reading, the better you will get.
– Shajwin Israyalraj

Today my teacher taught me how to concentrate on reading. Reading helps us to improve our writing skills. It also helps increase our vocabulary skills. It is a good exercise for mental habits. A story was also taught.
– Namah Gopreddy

During ‘Readathon Day’ today, our teacher taught us about reading. If we read, our knowledge increases and even our brain works better, our spellings improve and most importantly, we can speak confidently in English without making mistakes. Teacher showed us a small video about ‘The Empty Pot’. I learnt in that video that we must always speak the truth. “Honesty is the best policy”.
– Lemuel Fernandes

Today our teacher had organized ‘Readathon Day’ for us. It was very rewarding. I asked my teacher, “Do we have to take a book and run?” She started laughing and explained the meaning of ‘Readathon’, the importance of reading, and how it improves our spelling and vocabulary. Teacher also showed us the story of the “Empty Pot” which I liked a lot. I enjoyed my Readathon Day a lot.
– Lemuel Alexander

I learnt the importance of reading during Readathon Day. I learnt how important reading is for the brain & that reading is like exercise for our brain. I learnt a lot about the benefits of reading. Our teacher also told us that reading improves the quality of our writing. Thank you, dear teacher for your guidance.
– Dipanshu Kumar

My teacher told us the importance of reading today – The more you practice reading, the better you will get. reading also helps us increase our vocabulary. Reading helps us understand better. Thank you teacher!
– Gnana Jason

I gained so much valuable information about reading during our Readathon Day, especially, the 6 W’s of story writing. I understood how visualization helps in understanding. Thank you, teacher for enlightening us.
– Muhammad Ali Shaikh

Even though I am fond of reading different kinds of books, I came to understand the true value of reading from today’s class. So, I made up my mind to spend more time reading books because “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body”.
– Khamlianthang

Today we got to learn about the importance of reading. If we read, we get information about many things. Today we also saw a very nice story “The Empty Pot”. I enjoyed making the bookmark.
– Ved Nagaonkar

Today my teacher explained the importance of reading, how reading exercises our brain. Then we become smarter & much more confident speakers.
– Aaron Dsilva

The teacher taught us about Readathon day. ‘Thon’ is taken from the word Marathon. She explained how reading is important for us, what are the benefits of reading, like reading makes us smarter, builds confidence, improves vocabulary, spelling and writing. It helps us to improve our memory. Teacher also told us that, reading is a good exercise for our brain. It is good to read any story from the book. A story was shown to us which gave us a moral value on reading.
– Aaron David

Today during Readathon Day, my teacher very well explained how reading makes our imagination grow. I even learnt the meaning of the word Comprehension, which means ‘the ability to understand something or to process’. A quote very well mentioned by Dr. Seuss “ The more that you read, the more thing you will know, the more you learn, the more places you’ll go!”
– Simon Gomes

Reading helps us mentally and emotionally. Today I learnt how reading is like exercise to our brain. I learnt that reading increases our knowledge. Thank you Teacher.
– Salvius Santiago

Today our class teacher held Readathon Day. Teacher explained the importance of reading & also showed us a video on the “The Empty Pot” read by Rami Malek. We also learnt the 6 W’s of story writing. It was an interesting class where we were encouraged to read more books every day.
– Benjamin Philip

Today was amazing day for me because I got to know a new word “Readathon” which I never knew before. I came to know that it meant read+ marathon= Readathon, in other words “an event during which people read books for a long duration. So I will try and make sure that I read a book daily.
– Aayush Kondvilkar

Today my teacher taught me about the importance of reading. She told me that reading is a great exercise for the brain. Reading gives us a lot of knowledge and it improves our vocabulary. It also makes us smart and makes us self-confident. So today onwards, I will read more books to improve my skills. Thank you, Vailena Teacher for organizing this day.
– Shreejan Nadar

“Reading makes your world big.”
Today I had a very great learning experience about reading. Reading improves our vocabulary, writing skills and spelling. Reading is a very good exercise for the mind. Our teacher encouraged us to read every day so that we can improve our skills.
– Ratheef Stanislaus

Today’s topic sounded like Marathon to me. I thought our Teacher will make us read some unseen passage or so… But to my surprise, teacher taught us the value of reading. She told us how the reading habit develops our personality skills and helps us face the competitive world. I loved the catchy slogan – “Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Also, our teacher advised us to choose the right books and practice reading regularly. Thank you, Ms. Vailena, for this day.
– Christo Nadar

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.”
Today my teacher explained to us the importance of reading. I learnt that reading increases our confidence and makes us smart. Reading is the best exercise for the brain.
– Aarha Chavan

Today on Readathon Day my teacher very nicely explained about reading, how reading makes our brain exercise. Reading is very important because it helps us balance our life mentally and emotionally and also increase our knowledge.
– Saksham Khandhare

Today was a very great day because my teacher taught me about the importance of reading. Reading is the best exercise for our brain. It also improves our self-confidence and makes us smart. If we read, we can increase our knowledge and improve our spelling mistakes. Our teacher showed us a story which gives us a moral. I will try to read books for a longer time now. Thank you, teacher, for this day.
– Abhimanyu Masal

“Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.”
Today on ‘Readathon Day’ I learnt from my teacher that, reading is a very good habit that one needs to develop in life. Reading is important because it develops our mind and gives us excessive knowledge and lessons of life. It keeps our mind active and enhances our creative ability. Reading improves our vocabulary and develops our communication skills, which helps us to become a better writer. Reading takes us to the world of imagination and enhances our creativity.
– Aarav Ponnarasu

We celebrated Readathon Day today. Our teacher, Ms. Vailena, explained why we should start reading as we grow. Vocabulary is a big word for me. After Teacher explained, I realized how important vocabulary is for my speech. Through reading, we are exposed to a wide range of words, our memory improves and we can think better. We also watched a short story video which gave us a good encouraging moral.
– Caden Cardoz

Read-A Thon day was organized for us to promote a culture of reading among children. Our Teacher showed us a video on the story of ‘The Empty Pot’ which gave us a very good moral. I also enjoyed doing the craft items.
– Aayush Choudhary

What is the importance of reading? Our Teacher explained that reading makes us smart and self-confident. She also told us that reading is big exercise for the brain. So I will do more reading in my life. Thank you, Teacher for explaining the importance of reading to me.
– Aayan Bux

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