Readathaon Day

-Pranav Suresh Kumar Std II D

Readathon day was celebrated in our school on Saturday, 13 October. Our teacher encouraged us to read a story book of our choice. We all brought our favourite books from home and enjoyed reading the same. Some of my friends brought the story book that was given to us by our friend Martino when he left for Kuwait. Teacher provided each one of us with a picture of a sailing ship. She narrated a story in her own words and then asked each one of us to do the same. These stories were displayed on the class notice-boards which made each one of us feel very happy and teacher too was surprised as we read out the same. It was beautiful and we felt like story-writers. Later during the day we madeĀ  a small booklet and stuck pictures in it related to the story we read in class. This day made us realize the importance of reading.

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