Readathon Day
Std. III
Books trains your imagination to think big.

In today’s Readathon Day, I watched nice videos and learned more things from reading. Reading is very important. If we don’t read regularly, we cannot speak English properly. We get more knowledge from reading. So, we need to read every day to improve ourself.
Aarush Mankar III D

I learnt the following points on Readathon Day:
1. We should read books to relax and reduce stress.
2. Reading improves our knowledge and thinking skill.
3. Reading keeps our brain smart, healthy and strong.
Ayaan Shah III D

Hello friends! I am writing to you again! Today is the 14th of October and you know what did we celebrate? That’s right! We celebrated Readathon Day. Readathon is all about reading and reading helps in building ones’ language and communicating with people. Here are some of the important points of reading that we learnt today:
It helps in self improvement.
It helps in your communication skills.
It increases your knowledge.
It reduces stress.
And it gives great pleasure.
Last year we had to read a story but this year our teacher Ms Alareen showed us a PPT on how to write a story with the 6Ws. We were also taught to make a paper booklet which I will surely make use of. I enjoyed today’s class and will continue to read more and hope you all will do the same. Bye Bye.
Lathaniel Gomes III D

We get knowledge from reading books. I feel very happy when I read a book from starting to end.
Krihan Gundeti III D

Today was our Readathon day online class. Teacher taught us to do few things, whenever we are getting bored or we are free, we should read or write a book.
Sahej Singh 3 D

I have learnt that reading develops the brain. Also, I have learnt that reading helps us learn new words and that reading helps us to build our language.
Nathan Fernandes III D

As it is rightly said by J.K Rowling “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” Same thing happened with me, as I saw the colourful ppt presented by my class teacher. It touched my heart to read at least one page a day, which will enable me to learn new words and develop my creative imagination.
Elazaro D’Costa III D

Readathon day: We get new ideas by reading a story book. Story books are very important. I love to read a story book.
Aditya Ghadge III D

Today’s online class, teacher spoke about the Readathon Day. In this session she showed us a nice story and PPT. I learnt how to improve my writing skills with the help of reading. I learnt reading helps in self improvement, communication skill, vocabulary and knowledge. I loved this session very much. After this class, I am excited to read new stories. I have planned to write my own story that can be read by all. Thank you teacher for informing us about the reading habit.
Neel Dicholkar III D

On 14th October 2020, we at Don Bosco High School, Std 3rd celebrated Readathon day. I like to read a little, but on this day I learnt how important it is to keep reading good books.
Our class teacher shared a nice video which taught us reading gives us knowledge, it builds our thinking and creative skills, it also helps to improve our reading and vocabulary. Reading helps to reduce stress and keep ourselves occupied. It is very important to read a good book every day.
I would like to end here by thanking my teacher and institute for such informative session by a quote. “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go” – Dr.Seuss.
Nathan Fernandes III D

Today on 14th October we had Readathon Day.
It was very interesting because we learned how to make cute little, mini note books and we also saw a very good story named “The Little Lie”. Our teacher also explained to us how to write stories.
I also learned that reading books is very important.
It increases our knowledge and helps us to learn new words.
It also helps in developing our creative thinking and imagination. We should always read new and interesting books.
Thank you teacher for this lovely creative day and thank you for all your guidance and teaching us new things.
Aakash Chaskar III D

Reading is very important. It helps us to improve our imagination skills. When we read we learn new words. also when we read it helps to improve our language.
Sujeet Pawde III D

Today’s Readathon Day was really nice. After today’s session, I came to know how books are useful to us in so many ways and also how interesting books are and I want to read more and more books. I will inculcate the habit of reading and a hobby as well.
Tanishq Kamble III D

We had a nice session on “Readathon Day” today. Teacher showed us a ppt on the importance and benefits of reading. I liked the point of self-improvement and I am going to improve myself. The story which our teacher showed us of Luca and Lily was very nice. Luca liked to read books. After today’s session I came to know about the importance of reading. I will read a book or a newspaper regularly.
Malhar Gargote III D

Reading is very important to gain knowledge. It improves our vocabulary and reading skills. It also helps us to learn different words. It helps us to develop our mind and body.
Thank you Teacher for teaching us the importance of reading.
Avaneesh Polasa III D

Readathon Day taught us about the importance of reading in our lives. Reading helps us speak and communicate with others better. We learn new words and grammar by reading. We can gain a lot of knowledge if we read new things. We should at least read a few lines every day. Reading helps keep our mind cool and is a very good thing which all of us should practice.
Kiaan Shetye III D

On Readathon Day, today teacher gave us some information about reading. Reading is important because it develops the mind. Reading develops our imagination. It helps to discover new things. With reading, a person can go anywhere in the world. We enjoyed the Readathon Day very much. I decided to read many books as possible.
Sky Mohite III D

I learnt that reading is important. Reading books increases your knowledge and reduces stress in your brain.
We also enjoyed listening to the story of the “The Little Lie” and learnt a fun activity of making a mini book.
Zach D’Mello III D

Story by Lionel Rodrigues III D
There was a young girl by the name Sumiti and was pampered by her parents.
Sumiti was a bright student and she was a very polite and helpful person.
Sumiti had one negative point in her that if she likes something then she would do anything to get it.
One day Sumiti had stolen her friend’s pen and later in the night after staring at the pen for hours, she realized that the pen was no longer beautiful for her and so she decided to return it back to her friend.
Since the teacher had blamed some other student for robbing the pen, she decided to accept her mistake and tell the truth in front of the whole class. She also apologized to her friend and promised that she will not repeat this type of mistake again.

I learnt that books can be a very good companion to us. We must read books every day or at least for few minutes in a day. Book reading boosts our imagination and creativity. It expands our vocabulary. It helps us build our self-confidence and we become more independent. Reading has several good effects on our mind, body and soul. It helps to develop our analytical thinking. It increases our knowledge and also helps us to know the world around us. It leads to future academic success and improves our grammar. It improves our writing skills. Reading is great fun and reduces stress, it makes our mind busy and we become creative. It is a great way to spend time. We become more curious to learn different things and gradually a good habit of reading is formed in us.
Zeeshan Sayed III D

Reading is helpful in improving self confidence. It also helps us to build our vocabulary.
Saransh Dhere III D

Readathon day helped us to understand the importance of reading.
Reading keeps your brain healthy.
Reading reduces stress.
Reading helps you sleep better.
Reading sets an example for kids.
Reading increases our knowledge.
Reading helps you develop positive thinking.
Harshal khawale III D

Readathon day was refreshing, informative and gave us a break from exam too 😊. Importance of regular reading is well taken👍.
Students enjoyed it.
Thank u teacher!
Arihant Kamdi III D

Today, 14 October, 2020, our class teacher took Readathon session. We learned the importance of reading, how it helps us to improve our conversation, it helps us to change our mood.
She also taught us to make a mini booklet. It was a very interesting class.
Pushkal Chowrasya III D

On 14th October 2020, Don Bosco High School celebrated Readathon Day.
This year the day was celebrated in a different way i.e. it was an Online Readathon Day which was fun and informative. Our class teacher Miss Nerissa organized the event very well for our class.
We learnt the importance of reading, and also learnt that every book gives you an opportunity to learn new things and explore new ideas. Reading makes you smarter and has a great impact on your personality.
Our class teacher explained to us about how reading can make a difference in our life and helps to increase our knowledge, reduce stress and also improve our communication skills.
We also read a story “The Little Lie”, the story was about a boy named Luca and his love for books and the little lie he said just to read books. The story made me realize that we should also love books and should read a book every day. As books can be your best friend and will always teach you something.
Our class teacher also explained us about the 6 W’s of story writing.
The event was followed by a craft activity which was more fun, teacher taught us to make a paper bookmark of a rabbit and Anita teacher clicked our pictures with the craft we made. The overall activity was very well arranged by the teachers.
Special thanks to our Head Teacher Ms Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and all the teachers who put in lot of efforts, inspite of being an Online Readathon Day. The event was fun, interactive, and informative.
Rithvik Shenoy III C

Today we celebrated Readathon Day. I got more information about the importance of reading. Reading gives us a lot of knowledge and it improves our vocabulary too. It also makes us feel smart and improves self-confidence. Reading is a good exercise for our brain. So we should read more books to improve our skills. We also made a bookmark which was very exciting. Thank you teacher for organizing such activities, I enjoyed a lot.
Shreedhar Nadar III C

Today we celebrated Readathon Day in my school. I learnt the following:
1. Many new words
2. A story – The Little Lie
3. The importance of reading which helps in self improvement, improve our communication skills, increases knowledge, reduces stress, gives great pleasure, boosts our imagination and creativity, develops our analytical skills and reduces boredom.
4. Reading is a very good habit that one needs to develop in life good books can empower you, enlighten you and lead you in the right direction there is no better companion than a good book. Reading develops language skills and vocabulary. Reading books is also a way to relax and reduce stress. It is important to read good books at least for a few minutes each day to stretch the brain muscles for healthy functioning.
Royston Lobo III C

In today’s Readathon Day celebration we got to know the importance of reading and why it is important to read books, magazines, newspapers etc. We made a lovely bookmark today, which was fun. A story was read by us and we were shown a video of that story. Reading acts as a stress buster, it also makes us think positive. It improves our vocabulary and surely our English improves and therefore it benefits us in our life. Reading also improves our communication skills and decreases our boredom. We enjoyed today’s class.
Mitansh Mehta III C

Today we celebrated Readathon Day. Teacher taught us values of good reading, also showed us a video on it. Teacher also taught us how to write a story with the help of 6 “W’s”. We made a creative bookmark with the help of our teacher. Thank you Teacher and Head Teacher for such an informative and creative activity for us.
Advait Gawde III C

The more you read the more you know. The more you know the more places you`ll go.
On Readathon Day I learnt that reading helps to develop our imagination and creativity. It also helps us to improve our vocabulary and improve our communication skills. We also build a good self- image.
Raj Kadam III B

Today was Readathon Day. Every year we have this activity and we carry our favourite story book to school. Our teacher encourages us to read many new stories. This year too we kept our favourite story book with us during our online class. We learnt how to make a mini book. Our teacher Ms. Shahnaaz told us a story called `The Little Lie`. I heard it carefully because it was a good and interesting story. During the session our teacher explained to us why reading is important and how it helps us. I love to read my story books and when I am tired and sleepy my mother reads to me.
Kiaan Keer III B

Today we had Readathon Day. Our teacher told us the importance of this day. When we read, not only are we improving our memory but it makes us feel better and more positive. Reading keeps our brain healthy, it reduces stress, helps us to sleep better, helps us to understand the written word and develop our language skills.
Nuren Shah III B

Today in our online class we had Readathon Day. We learnt that reading is important because it develops our mind, reduces stress and keeps our brain healthy. We learnt to imagine and to be creative.
Andrew Lawrence III B

Listening to stories and reading stories is my favourite pass time. I was very excited about Readathon Day. The presentations and video shown by
Ms. Shahnaaz were informative. They made us understand the importance of reading. From today`s activity I have learnt that reading will help us to improve our vocabulary and learn languages. I loved the day.
Anay Anchan III B

Readathon Day was held today. It is also known as Vachan Diwas. Ms. Shahnaaz our teacher told us that the main reason to celebrate this day is to create an awareness about reading and to encourage students to start reading at an early age. Reading gives us great pleasure. It helps in self-improvement and reduces stress. A good reader is usually a good writer. We develop our analytical skills. It was an enjoyable day. We read and listened to the story `A Little Lie` shown to us by our teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas. We made a mini story book and did a worksheet eagerly. Today we discovered the joy of reading books, improving our reading skills and enhancing our vocabulary.
Montes Fernando III B

`A child who knows will be an adult who thinks` Books to a reading child are store houses of dreams and knowledge. Our teacher explained to us the importance of reading with the help of a presentation and a story. It was further followed by an activity of making a mini booklet. I was so impressed that I have thought of making my own dictionary. There is no feeling as satisfying as being absorbed in a good book. I thank my teacher for encouraging us to read.
Daksh Mahadik III B

Through Readathon day we experienced the joy of reading. During our online session we were inspired to read more. We learnt the importance of reading.
Naman Thapar III B

Today you have taught me the real importance of reading. As reading develops our mind and gives us excessive knowledge and lessons of life. It helps us to understand the world around us better. It keeps our mind active and enhances our creative ability. It helps us to improve our vocabulary and develops our communication skills too. From now onwards l will make a daily habit to spend some time in reading. Thank you Teacher.
David Rezin III A

It is said that, “Reading is dreaming with your eyes open”. Our teacher Ms. Christy took us to the dreaming land by explaining the importance of reading. I don’t like to read but henceforth I will read books and improve myself.
Sarfare Ansh III A

We celebrated Readathon Day on 14th October. “The Little Lie” was narrated well by our teacher. We also enjoyed the activity of preparing a mini book. Our teacher also encouraged us to write an interesting story. It was a fun filled activity.
Fernando Jovin III A

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