Readathon Day
Std. IV

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.”

Readathon Day – This day we celebrate our love for books and passion for reading. We all were enthusiastic to discuss and share with the class about the books/authors we read. I personally like such interactive class sessions as it enhances my knowledge about the books which I would want to read. Our teacher Ms.Kashmira Rodrigues showed us some interesting power point presentations and videos on Importance of Reading, How does Reading change our social life, How to write a Story and an interesting story on Astronomy ‘A Hole in the Galaxy’. This session was both informative and fun. A beautiful thought ‘Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader’ was conveyed through this session. I just wish we had more Readathon days in a year as one day is never enough to discover the world of books with my Teacher and friends.
Rushaan Marolikar IV D

Readathon day was a day filled with many activities organized by our class teacher. l love to read story books. I was very happy to solve the activity work sheet and prepare my own story book and bookmark. I really enjoyed doing the activities. Thank you so much teacher.
Jacob Singh IV D

Today was Readathon Day and it was quite different. Our teacher Miss Kashmira showed us two presentations and videos to explain to us how a story is developed and written. This was the first time we learned about story writing and I was extremely excited to create my own story book. As soon as our online session was over I started to imagine my own book and the characters of my story. I started writing a rough story and by evening I was ready with my first ever book. My mom helped me to correct my grammatical mistakes and polish it a little. I took some colourful sheets of paper to draw the characters on one side I wrote the story on the other side. I hope to write a sequel to my story during my Diwali holidays. Writing is fun but it’s really important to read good books.
Sayhan Khan IV D

My teacher conducts all the activities planned in the calendar. Today we celebrated Readathon Day. Teacher showed us videos and explained us how to read books. I was very happy to view the story ‘A Hole in the Galaxy’. Teacher gave us an opportunity to share our experience with the book we are currently reading. Teacher gave us a lot of information about reading habit and the importance in our daily life. Thank you to our school management and my class teacher even in the lockdown period we didn’t miss any activity.
Vihaan Charaniya IV D

To enhance reading skills, the students of Std 4 celebrated the Readathon day on 14th October 2020.To make it interesting and interactive Kashmira teacher showed us videos and power point presentations to reinforce reading. We did a word search worksheet on Harry Potter story. We all enjoyed the day reading and discussing our favourite stories and their characters. Thank you Kashmira teacher for organizing such a lovely and interesting Readathon Day.
Jinang Jhaveri IV D

We celebrated the joy of reading in a very unique manner online along with our Class Teacher after our mock test. We were made to understand why reading is a very good and healthy habit to cultivate. Reading enriches our knowledge and vocabulary and makes us well informed. We students shared our reading experiences and our favourite books. It was truly a great and enjoyable experience. Thank you teacher.
Ishaan Aiyer IV D

Today we celebrated Readathon Day on a virtual platform. The session had interesting activities and was full of information. I got an opportunity to know the importance and benefits of reading.
I learnt how to make a book mark and also a booklet. I enjoyed every bit of the session. Thanks to our teachers who took the trouble to make this session an enjoyable one.
Yaksh Karkera IV . C.

Readathon day was celebrated in the Primary Section on 14th October. It was an interesting class as our teacher discussed about the importance and benefits of reading. We enjoyed making a butterfly bookmark. It was a thrilling experience to see each one of us engaged in this activity.
We had to make a booklet and write a story in it . While writing the story in my own words I felt as if I was an author. It was a great experience for me. Thank you teacher for guiding us and teaching us such wonderful things. It was indeed an enriching and a wonderful class.
Vihaan Parab IV.C.

Today, in this session of Readathon Day we learnt the importance and benefits of reading. The teacher gave us a few tips how we to inculcate the habit of reading in our daily life. We were also taught how to write an effective story. We enjoyed making a butterfly bookmark. It was totally a different experience doing it. We also learnt to make a booklet and wrote a story in it. We are blessed to be in this school which helps in our overall development. Thanks to our teachers and the school management.
Atharva Matkar. IV.C.

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