17 March, 2017

‘Rediscover the Epic’ – An experience

-Palanssh Rao – Std V D

A few months back I got a call for an audition for a new play based on the epic, Ramayana. The call was from ACE Productions which dabbles in plays and theaters. I was very excited about it, did my audition and forgot about it. Till I got a call saying that I had been selected for the play called “Rediscover the Epic”

On the first day of the rehearsal, I saw kids from 8 different NGOs. I was startled by their talents and they were such wonderful kids. Also there were kids from various schools across Mumbai playing different characters. I got to know of my role,“Bal Hanuman” and I was quite thrilled to bag such an important character. The rehearsal was scheduled once a week and I went after the school hours. My school encouraged by permitting me to attend the rehearsals as and when asked for… My parents would take turns to drop and pick me up from the venue. As the days progressed the rehearsals got rigorous; sometimes twice/thrice a week. During the final week before the D- day, we had our technical rehearsals at the venue, The Royal Opera House where we were to perform. It’s a heritage site, designed by the British and restored recently to its pristine glory.

For a week our practices involved getting to know our place on the stage, various set ups, costumes, accessories, dancers, lightings, LED screens as backdrops where the backgrounds would be displayed for the various parts in the play, different props and recording equipment. One interesting part for my role was the harness which helped me fly from one end to the other, across the backdrops mouthing my dialogue. First it was fear about falling, then it slowly turned into excitement as the rehearsals progressed and the team ensured my safety throughout the scene. We were taken utmost care of, by Madam Raell Padamsee and her team who were very co-operative and encouraged each of us through the rehearsals.

Finally the day of the first show arrived and I was excited and all pumped up to perform. All five shows across the three days were houseful. Each performance was lapped by the audience who applauded, loved, enjoyed and showered their praises. Our excitement knew no bounds and we were so happy and thrilled to be a part of such a fantastic theatrical journey…

Thanks to my school, parents, and Ms. Raell Padamsee for encouraging me to be a part of such a grand show!







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