Republic Day Celebration

-Master Steve Fernandes 6C

26th January Republic Day of India was celebrated in our school. It saw a series of patriotic acts which aroused deep feelings in the minds and hearts of every student to serve his motherland in every possible way. Bosco kids are known for their punctuality and thus all assembled in the quadrangle by 8:05am. The tri colour was unfurled by the management of the school. The march past and the salute by the school scouts was incredible.

The kids of 9th (F) enacted a skit on a phase of out freedom struggle movement. They brought back  the truth to the present. Our Rector Rev Fr. Crispino gave a small speech. He made the children aware of the importance of cleanliness. The methods and necessity of keeping the school premises clean.He appreciated the services done by the non-teaching staff in cleaning the quadrangle. Rev Fr. Rector also explained the importance of the constitution of India. Rev Fr. Bernard too spoke to the students. The speeches were followed by the Prize distribution ceremony. Children receiving awards were happy and were cheered by their friends.

The children happily dispersed after the Republic Day Celebration with thoughts of the Republic Celebration still lingering on their minds.

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