-Gabriel Barros 9A

Every child who goes to school cries and nearly every Boscoite sheds tears when he leaves Don Bosco High School,Matunga. Innately we hate the school routine. Every day the same teachers, same class, same bench, all of us just wait to leave school. During the 11 years of school, the school comes across as a punishment that’s never going to end. In our 12th year we count the days for school days to end so that we can move on to college, which most of us feel is perfect. However, at some point of our life, we want to return back to school. We recall all our teachers’ punishments and all the crazy things we did. When we look back on our school days, I sincerely know we shall wish we can live those days again. Every Boscoite shall always keep his school very close to his heart……Always!!!

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