Master Matthew Ferryl D’Souza 9 E

School is a daily routine for us

In the morning, we’re sure to make a fuss.

We feel that school is a bore

We feel that school is such a chore

Parents say, “School’s great! Now, go!

We say, “Well, what do you know?

Late a minute we have to run

We reach school and we see our friends,

Immediately, the torture ends

We have a chat and go with the flow

Then the bell rings, it is time to go

We may at times find school stressful

To have fun, we have to break and bend some rules

Talk back to teachers and detention we serve

No doubt, it is sometimes what we deserve

Sometimes they are as cold as ice

And other times they’re actually really nice

They teach us and give us a helping hand

They’re forever ready to listen and be a friend

Over the years of education,

Never have we had so much fun learning with action

Such as camps, experiments, competitions and activities

We’ve learnt so much and even saved the trees

A wise teacher once said aloud-

Success is failure turned inside out

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit

Some may see school as a torture chamber

Some cannot wait for the holidays in December

But it all depends on how we look at school

Honestly, I’d say, school is cool!

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