-Master Jayden DeSouza 8C

Times are changing

And so are we

I don’t need anyone to take my photos

My smart phone and selfie mode does it for me.


A smile, hair in style, a cool look

Or a pout – that’s the style they say

Look straight into the camera

Tilt your head any way.

Take the selfie with as many options

Select the background, select the effects

If unhappy, retake, retake, retake….


Selfies grab attention on Facebook and Instagram

One looks forward to the number of likes they get

Some make you a hero or a real cutie pie

You can show off your wardrobe or travelling adventurers

While others just sigh.


Be it at the cliff edge or deep in the sea,

Beneath the waterfall or in front of an incoming train.

Such selfies are the latest craze

Sometimes things may not turn right

Leaving families in a daze


While Selfies Thrill

They could also kill.

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