–  Master Zeehan Shah 7 A

For Basketball, I have a fire in the belly

I dribble, run, walk, jump, shoot up and down the court

Five kids play in the court with a bouncing ball

As the whistle blows,

Guards take position

Davids and Goliaths mesh and clash

On the court to make a splash.

The throbbing thud of the dribbling ball

And squeaking of the shoes, are sweet music to all

We shoot into  a high hoop

We block shots

We run and jump and play defense

When the ball is in our hand, we play offence

We play man to man

We play zone to zone

For many it is a game, for me, it is a passion,

When we play as a team

No more feeling can I imagine, no more can I dream

I love to play this game, it’s so much fun.

A hoop missed is followed by an exclamation of dismay

For baskets scored, there are shouts of hurray.

To get better everyday, to improve my skill

I practice everyday

I have loved this game and I always will.

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