Smart phone – a Boon or a bane?

-Master Nilay Thakkar 7 C

The twenty first century has ushered in various new technologies and inventions and one of them is the smart phone. This word  is familiar in every household of the world in recent times. From children as old as ten years to adults, everyone uses a smart phone.

The smart phone, merely five to six inches, has opened a vast new world on our fingertips. Instead of waiting in the hot sun and hailing a taxi, all we have to do is tap a few buttons and a cab is waiting at our doorstep. Gone are the days when we waited in long queues for food parcels. A few taps on the phone and hot food knocks at our door. Google maps on smart phones show us the way and we no longer have to rely on the road sense of the passers by. Online shopping has taken the world by storm. Everyone shops online.

Despite its countless advantages and usefulness, the smart phone is not short on disadvantages. The tentacles of the smart phone has gone far, taking our throats in a choke-hold. At a dinner with family, instead of spending quality time with each other and relaxing, every family member is on their respective smart phones. Incessant clicking of selfies has caused numerous tragic deaths. The young generation spend their priceless time on social media which also distracts them while studying. If one doesn’t control himself/herself, then soon one will get addicted to the smart phone.

Each invention, each new technology lifts burden off a man’s shoulder but it also has its cons. It all comes down to us; how we use it and how wise we are in making good use of these machines.

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