Vansh Julka Std – IX

NCSC (National Children’s Science Congress) gives an opportunity to  budding scientists across India to come up with new innovations for the society in various fields. The theme of the research for this year was Science, Technology, and Innovation for sustainable development.

Our project was Spirulina. This project aimed to grow and process spirulina so that people suffering from malnutrition could consume this as a part of their diet at a low cost. Spirulina is basically a blue-green algae obtained from the marine habitats. This algae is highly nutritious. Due its medicinal and natural specifications it was chosen to be a supplementary diet for the people across the world.

We carried on with our project at Don Bosco Institute Of Technology, Kurla, under the guidance of Mrs Anita Philip and Miss Ainees . We failed the first time we tried to grow spirulina in a small glass trough with the right amount of chemical nutrients. However, the second time we were successful. Spirulina can be highly beneficial for domestic as well as commercial uses, but we need to do the toxicity test in specialized labs before marketing.  Spirulina has various health benefits such as being the answer to weight loss, prevention of cancer, boosting of the immune system and a superfood for malnourished children.


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