Std 3 D students ‘discover and invent’
The team of Beyond Academics conducted a highly interactive workshop on Discoveries and inventions. I just loved all that they taught. It was very interesting.

-Shafin Lobo 3 D
We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of this workshop. It refreshed our mind and helped us to think out of the box.

-Yohaan Fernandes 3 D
I really enjoyed the session. It made learning a lot of fun. Learning about electricity and going green activities were very exciting especially creating the electric circuit.
-Liam Sequeira 3D

Beyond Academics was an enjoyable session. It helped me to think beyond academics. The follow up session conducted was very creative. It was a fun filled and educational activity. Making a paper windmill was exciting. Thank you Ms. Mural.
-Eshant Nikam 3 D

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