Std I D

Every child is a gift from nature!

“Every child born into the world is a new thought of God, an ever fresh and radiant possibility.” – Kate Douglas Wiggin

Children’s Day celebration was super fun. We felt special with the lovely messages from all Don Bosco teachers. I enjoyed myself a lot. Thank you, dear teachers.

 Vineet Monteiro


Games, special video messages from teachers and dancing time was so much fun. I had a good time with all the activities we did today.

Dwayne Monteiro


I liked the memory game. I enjoyed dancing by watching the video. I had a lot of fun but I wish I could celebrate it in school.

  • Kaden Dias


Children’s Day was celebrated on 10th November. The virtual celebration was well planned by our teachers. There were fun games. I was surprised to watch the video on children’s day wishes from our Principal, Head teacher and all the teachers. I thoroughly enjoyed the celebration.

  • Athang Shinde


I had a lot of fun playing the games and the activities conducted by the teacher. I liked watching the pictures of last year’s Children’s Day celebration in school. Thank you, Jessiya Teacher, for making my day a memorable one.

Aaditya Panchal


Children’s day celebration was well celebrated with my teachers and friends. We played many games. Teacher showed us the video on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. I enjoyed today’s dance session.

  • Arshbir Singh


Today we celebrated children’s day with my class teacher and my classmates. I enjoyed dancing, playing games and watching beautiful videos. Virtual celebration made me feel the presence of the school while all the teachers wished us. Thank you, dear Teachers for your wishes and prayers.

Daksh Dansingh


Std IB

Having kids is synonymous to having laughter and warmth in the house.


Today, on the occasion of Children’s day celebration I was so happy and surprised to see the love you showed us through the personal wishes you made for your students. Today I realized how much we mean to you dear Principal, Head teacher, my dear class teacher and the rest of the teachers. Thank you so much.

  • Aden Dias


The first happiness of a child is to know that he is loved.

In today’s celebration, the teachers of the Primary Section revealed their love towards their students through the videos. It is with great joy and happiness that I would like to share my experience about today’s Children’s Day Celebration. Even though it was through an online platform, everything was very well organized, planned and entertaining. A big Thank You to all the members of the Don Bosco Staff for all the love and care you show towards us.

– Mclaren Fernandes


In today’s program, all you teachers proved that teachers can go to any extent to make their children happy. Thank you so much teachers for your wonderful virtual Children’s Day celebration. Parents remembered their childhood today. Your hard work and efforts are praiseworthy.

  • Gaurav Bitla


In these trying times when everything has gone into a frenzy it is education that’s trying to hold its ground and keep children really connected to learning new things. Today, too, was a wonderful session conducted by our teachers. My class teacher Mrs. Ranjana Bhandare, connected me to new things. She made learning so much fun today through videos, dance, games etc. Thank you so much teacher. I had a great time today with you online.

Adam Gheewala

Std II D


God loves every child so much that he creates each one of them with unimaginable perfection . Truly, children are a blessing from heaven.


Today we celebrated children’s day through our virtual online class. We played games like guessing a song, counting chocolates and H5P activity.Thank you dear Head Teacher and Teachers for the meaningful prayer, wishes and PPT prepared for us and making our day a memorable one. In a special way, thank you dear Father Principal for your three point advice to explore, engage and to be of service to others which we need to follow daily. We enjoyed ourselves a lot.

  • Joshua Britto


Today we celebrated Children’s Day online. I danced and played games with joy. We had fun but I really missed my school and teachers today.

  • Tanmay Kapse


“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow yet we forget that he is someone today”

  1. Today’s session on Children’s Day celebration was very special.
  2. Although it was an online celebration but still, I enjoyed it very much.
  3. It started with Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech and was followed by exciting games.
  4. Children listened to music and tried to remember the words of the song.
  5. Children enjoyed dancing and also did their own steps.
  6. The teachers wishing the students was a real blessing.

-Avaneesh Mani Kandan


We enjoyed today’s Children’s Day celebration. We played games and sang songs. We also danced. It was a very good experience and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

Thank you all my teachers for making the online celebration so enjoyable.

  • Harsh Nawale


Today we had children’s day celebration online. We played games during our online class. We all wore coloured clothes. Although today’s celebration was online, we didn’t realize it because it was so lively. My friends and I enjoyed a lot.

Thank you, Teacher for making this day a memorable one.

  • Swayam Churmure


On 10th November, we celebrated Children’s Day. I was very excited for our children’s Day celebration. First, our class teacher wished us and then we watched videos on Chacha Nehru. We played many games. Teacher played a song and we all danced on it. I enjoyed myself a lot. At last Fr. Principal, Head Teacher and all the other teachers wished us through a video presentation.

-Tanish Pednekar


Today we celebrated Children’s Day in our virtual classroom. Teacher made the celebration more interesting by conducting games and making us dance. I really enjoyed ‘Guess the song’ game. I really missed my school, teachers and friends today.

  • Assisi Kevin


I felt very nice to dance and also watch the videos of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru.

I played games with my friends in my online class. There were many H5P activities which I enjoyed very much. I enjoyed this online Children’s day celebration very much. Thanks to Ms. Mohini, our class teacher, all other Teachers and the school management for organizing such a nice online children’s day celebration.

Tevis Fernandes


I enjoyed Children’s Day celebration the most. As we had games and dancing we had fun but I still miss my school on this day. Thank you, teacher for making this day special for us.

  • Ruel Rodrigues


Thank you for the wonderful celebration. Thanks a lot for all your efforts.

  • Aarav Gaikwad


Children are a very special gift from God as they bring happiness and cheer in one’s life.

We celebrated Children’s Day online. This day was very special for us as we were allowed to wear fancy coloured clothes and teacher said we all looked very handsome. We played a lot of enjoyable games and danced. It was the best day for me.

  • Vihaan Pawar


Today we celebrated “Children’s Day” online. I loved the games and enjoyed “Guess the Song” game the most. I liked the PPT done & loved the wordings “Children are budding stars”. Also, the flowers showing my friends and my photo, it was too good. I felt very happy. Thank you, teachers and Fr. Principal for your lovely wishes and blessings.

  • Joshua Deniz

Std II A


Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven


Today we celebrated Children’s Day. All the teachers and the Principal wished us through a video. The thing I enjoyed the most was ‘Guessing the song” game. Our Class Teacher played the minus track and we had to guess the song. Our Class Teacher also surprised us by showing us a video where each student was given an adjective beginning with the first letter of his name. I was so happy when I saw my photo along with my special name and real name.

  • Khamliangthang Khuptong


We celebrated our Children’s Day online this year due to the pandemic. Our class teacher, Ms. Vailena, made it joyful for us. We were shown photos and videos on why we celebrate Teacher’s Day. I liked our Principal’s speech for us where he gave us good advice to follow daily. This was followed by all the Primary Section teachers wishing us. We got a worksheet to colour and keep for remembrance. ‘Guessing the song’ was fun. We swayed to the tune sitting on our seats. This was my best Children’s Day even though we weren’t present in person in school.

– Caden Cardoz


I liked today’s class on Children’s Day. All Teachers wished us in a video. Our class teacher played a game with us on guessing the song and she gave meaningful adjectives for each student beginning with the same letter as their name.

– Riaan D’silva


Today our school celebrated Children’s Day for us. Our Principal, Head teacher and all other teachers of the primary section wished us through a video message. Our class teacher played songs, made us dance and play games and conducted other activities for us. We love all our teachers for their hard work and for making this day memorable for us.

-Benjamin Philip


Today, the Principal and all the Primary teachers wished us a happy Children’s Day. Our teacher informed us that we celebrate Children’s Dayon 14th November  because it is the birth anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. Teacher conducted games and made us dance. All of us enjoyed ourselves. Thank you, Ms. Vailena.

– Aaditya Chauhan


Today’s class was very awesome because it was our day. Our Principal, Head teacher and all other Primary teachers along with our class teacher wished us “Happy Children’s Day”. My class teacher showed us a video. In that video, I saw my name written as Lion – hearted Lemuel. Teacher conducted a game where we had to guess the name of the song being played. Thank you, teacher for making my day so wonderful!

– Lemuel Fernandes


Today we celebrated Children’s Day. Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November, the birth Anniversary of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. We all celebrated Children’s Day virtually. We danced, played games and saw photos and videos on Children’s Day. Our teachers wished us and we enjoyed ourselves a lot.

– Ved Nagaonkar


Children’s Day is Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. Nehru loved children so his birthday is celebrated as Children’s day in India. All children enjoyed the fun activities hosted by our school and teachers. There is so much fun being a child and celebrating this eventful day.

– Muhammad Ali Shaikh


Today, our teachers and our Principal wished us on Children’s Day. Our class teacher played songs, made us dance and conducted games for us. My class teacher is very helpful. She told us that Children’s Day is celebrated on 14th November every year. She also showed us videos of all our friends’ activities in the school. I enjoyed today’s day with my friends and teacher.

– Aayan Bux


Today I enjoyed myself a lot. We learnt about the importance of Children’s Day. We played interesting games. We listened to good songs. Thank you, teacher for such a wonderful day.

– Dipanshu Kumar


Today we celebrated Children’s Day. Our Class Teacher, Ms. Vailena took our name and added an adjective beginning with the same letter as our name. She wrote, ‘Articulate Aayush’ for me which I appreciated a lot. We watched some videos. All the teachers wished us. Father Principal said nice words about us. We played some games and danced too. Now I know Chacha Nehru also loved animals. I enjoyed the Children’s day celebration.

– Aayush Sonawane



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