Student corner-Butterfly Gardening Workshop. Std IV D
“Butterflies are nature’s angels.”

I was very excited when my teacher selected my name for the Butterfly Gardening Workshop. Today online I attended a fantastic lecture on butterfly gardening. A small problem was that the lecture was in Hindi, so my mother had to help me understand some parts. But the slides and videos were very interesting. We started with learning about the butterfly cycle and various types of Indian butterflies. It was nice to know that the blue moron butterfly is our state butterfly. It was also interesting to know that the caterpillar becomes green as it eats leaves and absorbs the chlorophyll from it. Next I learned about needs for a butterfly garden – nectar and host plants, mud puddling spot and sunny spot for sun basking.
An emphasis was put on the need of butterfly gardens. Butterfly gardens not only make us happy seeing the pretty butterflies but also help largely in pollination. Also existence of butterflies is an indicator of a healthy environment. At the end some questions were asked by the students. I am very eager to observe butterflies on my terrace garden and hoping to catch some and identify the stages of their life. The session was a great learning experience for me.
Rohaan Elavia IV D

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