Students celebrate ‘Women’s Day‘ with English language teacher

On 7th March 2020 an activity was organised for the boys of class 5 D. The English teacher of 5D Ms. Elizabeth wanted to make this ‘Women’s Day’ special for all the chosen shining lights in the boys’ lives.  Ms. Elizabeth asked the boys to prepare a card for these shining lights. As planned the boys got the materials for the cards. Our young artists were full of enthusiasm as they got ready to decorate their cards. Each boy was at his creative best -some drawing, some decorating the card with beautiful heartfelt words, and some with short poems. The words written were straight from their heart and these words only meant their love and gratitude for those shining lights in their life. Ms. Elizabeth complimented the boys for their creative and warm art work and presented each boy a bookmark to give their shining lights. This was a great experience for the boys and the boys loved the way that they were motivated to express themselves through creative English language expression.

-Keegan Peres 5 D


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