Student’s Corner- Readathon Day and Love the Animals Day

I love reading books as it provides me with a lot of knowledge.I read my favourite story-book in class and was happy to narrate the story in my own words.I felt like an author when I created my own story-book and was very happy when my friends and class teacher appreciated my work.

Enrico Pinto IV D


Readathon Day was a day filled with many activities which was organized by our class teacher. She gave us clear instructions and guided us well as to how we were to spend the day reading our favourite story book, solving the activity work-sheet and preparing our story booklet. I enjoyed doing all the activities. Thank-you teacher.

Meet Pawar IV D


Books are my passion and I love reading books. Thank you teachers for organizing the ReadathonDay for us. It was a day well spent.

ParthBhuva IV A


Books are my best friends. I would be happy to have this day celebrated more often.  Thank you teachers for all the activities conducted in class. I enjoyed the day.

Pratham Kapoor IV A


Love the Animals Day I learned how animals compliment nature and we should not

H- hurt animals

U – underestimate them

N – net them

T –trouble or torture them

We should shoot them with cameras and not guns.

Enrico Pinto IV D


I enjoyed all the activities planned for Love the Animals day by my Class Teacher. After viewing the video teacher explained us how to create a lady bug using paper plates and googly eyes. Ms. Kashmira clicked photographs in class and gave an interesting talk over the intercom during the morning assembly ‘Animals- Our Best Friends’ it was very informative.

Meet Pawar IV D

It was an amazing experience and I enjoyed the day. We put on animal masks, mimed sounds of various animals, and sang the song ‘All the Animals in the Zoo’ which Ms Kashmira taught us and sang along with us.

Arnav Varekar IV D


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