Students of class 4 write their views on class Picnic and clay modelling

Class Picnic to Kidzania 25th July,2018

My wish came true when my teacher announced a class picnic to  Kidzania. It is a very famous place. The school had made arrangements for us to reach there by bus. Kidzania was booked for us. We got Kidzos to play our games. I got a driving license. I delivered parcels for DHL and earned money. I passed the engineers’ test. I enjoyed seeing my teachers in the Bollywood studio on stage.

We all had fun.

-Sarthak Lohote  4B


Clay Modelling Competition is one of my favourites. It was held on 24th July, 2018.The topic was the Life Cycle of Animals. I moulded the life -cycle of a butterfly. This competition gave me an opportunity to sharpen my skills, work creatively and scientifically.
-Prithvi Padharia  4B

The Clay Modelling Competition was fun. I moulded the life-cycle of a hen. My friends made many beautiful models but I was focused only on making mine.
-Ryan D’Souza  4B


Don Bosco High School is known for the activities outside of the regular studies.  One such activity was the Clay Modelling Competition held on 24 July 2018 for Standard III and IV.  Personally it was a wonderful opportunity to express one’s imagination, develop motor skills as well as help with creative problem-solving.  Topics that co-relate to our curriculum were chosen.  It was nice to see my friends work on their own and some of them really took a lot of trouble.

-Keegan Peres  4 D

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