Students of class VIII E conduct a presentation on diseases.
-Aditya Wani -VIII E

The word diseases mean ‘dis-ease’. Students described health as being physically, socially, mentally and spiritually healthy.
The students’ presentation focused mainly on the physical diseases like swine flu, malaria, cancer,AIDS, rabies and yellow fever. These diseases were clubbed under various categories such as infectious; food or water borne; diseases caused by pathogens, viruses, bacteria; sexually transmitted diseases. Detailed analysis of diseases and symptoms, its cure and diagnosis were diligently put forward by the students of Standard VIII E. The students took ownership for their learning.
The topic began at the science lecture which was divided into two parts: presentation and videos. Part 1 provided information of the diseases, its cure and diagnosis; and the second part was set aside for the live demonstration of medical equipment like stethoscope, injections, diabetes machine. Statistics given through presentation by students of the many suffering from such diseases showed our recklessness in the manner by which we treat our body and live our lifestyle. It truly demonstrated how ‘HEALTH IS WEALTH’. Daily exercises; weight loss; monitoring your carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and mineral intake, performing yoga and meditation are ways to stay healthy. These reduce the chance and the risk of diseases. Ayurveda is a tested technique in eliminating harmful and contagious diseases without any side effects. It is important that we do not eat vegetables or fruits without washing them properly because some fruits like apple are coated with wax.
A skit was presented by students on diabetes. There are two types of diabetes viz. diabetes mellitus and diabetes insipidus. We ought to avoid junk food because junk food invites a lot of unsaturated fats that gets consumed and it increases one’s bad cholesterol that can trigger diabetes. The symptoms of diabetes: frequent hunger and thirst, weight loss, frequent urination. If we maintain a healthy diet we could remain free of diabetes.The role played by the students in the skit was very powerful and gave a strong message to remain fit and live a disease free life.
One of the students quoted, “Time and health are precious assets we do not appreciate or recognize until they are depleted. “Another student said, “Healthy is not just being disease free. For its like every cell of our body is dancing with joy; being healthy and fit isn’t fad or trend, instead its lifestyle”. The students thanked the teacher for being their facilitator. Students enjoyed the topic while learning. This is truly the core and essence of knowledge.

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