Students of Stds 3 and 4 speak about their cultural days
My Cultural Day
11thAugust, 2018 was a red letter day for my class.Our long awaited Cultural Day was finally here after a gap of one year.
Our theme was ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ and we were depicting this through our item that our neighbours and we are ONE. The world would definitely be a better place if we treat our neighbours as our responsibility.
We created our own invitation cards for our parents, dressed in Indian clothes and sang and danced to songs which conveyed a powerful message that we are one.
We performed with a smile for our parents and the school management. Thanks to our teacher we all enjoyed our Cultural Day.
-Aayuu Parab 4B

This year our cultural day gave us a wonderful message. ‘Helping Hands make good neighbours’ theme was something that attracted me. All four divisions of the third standard sent out a message in different ways in the form of song, dance and a skit. The theme taught us how important it is for us to be good individuals.
– Yohaan Fernandes 3 D

I had a wonderful time on my cultural day. I participated in dance and I enjoyed a lot.
-Abhishai Sequeira 3 D

I want to thank my dear teachers for giving me this opportunity to participate. They really worked hard to make this day a grand success.
-Alwin Andrade 3 D

I want the day back back back…. I just enjoyed every moment of it. Three cheers to Ms. Mural. She put in a lot of hard work and trained all of us. Thank you so much teacher.
-Eshant 3 D

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