Students speak (Std 2D) – Choral recitation competition

Students of Std 2D were the winners of the Choral Recitation Competition. We were very happy but behind all this was the hardwork of our Class Teacher Ms. Kashmira who trained us very well. We followed all the instructions given by her and she was very happy and encouraged us to learn the poem well.

Saarth Surve II D


The students of my class were well prepared for the competition. It was a tough competition. There were three judges who came from other schools to judge the competition. They were impressed with our performance. I was very happy when our class won and we received our certificates.

Caleb Dias- II D


Std I and II had their Choral Recitation competition on 18th March in the Bianchi Hall. We all recited our poems with great gusto. Std IID recited the poem ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’. We were very happy when we were declared winners.

Aditya Shitap- II D


I like the way my teacher taught me to recite the poem with expression and diction. Now I feel very confident and I will be able to recite other poems too. Thank-you teacher for your efforts and constant support.

Johan Botla- II D


The poem which we recited was ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’, an apt poem selected by our teacher and we were happy to learn it. Std II D were the winners and we enjoyed hearing the poems recited by the other classes too.

Samarth Singh-II D


Today I am very happy as I received a certificate for the Choral Recitation Competition. Thank-you Ms. Kashmira for guiding and training us to recite the poem. Thanks to the judges for giving us good marks for all our hard-work.

Vihaan Charniya- II D

This is the only competition where our entire class performs and our Class Teacher Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues trained us for the same. She chose a very motivating poem ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’. It had meaning and depth. We learnt the poem but the most important part of saying it in sync with everyone was taught to us by our teacher. She trained us in such a way that our class of 53 boys sounded as one voice, same expressions and actions. She is very particular about every small detail. She not only concentrated on our performance but our attire too. As a class we worked hard and we performed with the blessings of our teacher and the confidence she puts in us. We won the competition and were so happy. We owe all this to our Class Teacher for guiding, training and believing in us. Thank-you teacher.

Rushaan Marolikar –II D

We the students of Std I and II had our Choral Recitation Competition on Monday 18th March. Our teacher selected the poem for the same. Each class learnt their poems well. Our teacher taught us the poem with expressions and a few actions. The judges said it was a tough competition and hard to decide the winners. But Std II D were the winners and received a certificate for the same.

Daniel Pereira -II D

Our poem ‘Life Doesn’t Frighten Me’ was well recited by all my classmates. Our teacher took a lot of effort to teach us the poem with expression and diction. We all enjoyed reciting our poems in front of the Head Teacher and judges. They appreciated us for all our efforts.

Arnav Singh –II D


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