The 21st Vogue

-Master Aaron Rozario 9D

VOGUE is an inter school Talent & Personality competition conducted by the Rotaract Club of HR College. (RCHR) It all started on Saturday the 13th of January 2018. Ahmad Kazi and I were representing our school.  We had to report at the HR College for the opening ceremony of Vogue. When we reached, there was a red carpet welcome for all the participants, with RCHRites standing on either side of the red carpet cheering for us.  It was the best welcome ever.   Everyday there were workshops conducted based on the theme of  a movie assigned to us, such as Mission Impossible, Harry Potter etc. On the first day, the first movie was ‘50 First Dates’, which was like an ice breaker game, where we got to mingle and get to know one another.  It was truly amazing to meet students from different schools and get to know of their interests, their likes and dislikes. On the first day itself, we made so many friends.

As part of the competition, they conducted so many activities and each activity was fun and we always took away a learning from it.  The activities were conducted on the weekends from 13th January onwards .Trust me when I say when Vogue started I didn’t want it to end. The RCHRites were very caring and always made sure we had a BLAST.  To make it even more fun they had an outdoor day where we were taken to Khopoli and we had the best time ever and the activities they conducted… don’t get me started!!!!  ‘Rock-Climbing, Zip-line, Team games and much more’.  I could go on and on.. But all I have to say that Vogue is an experience  of a lifetime.


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