Std I D

The festival of light celebrated with immense splendor and grandeur!


The festival of Diwali was celebrated with great joy. I enjoyed watching the

videos showed by the teacher. With the help of the PPT I got to know about the

importance of Diwali. I had great fun when teacher asked us to dance. I

miss celebrating Diwali in school.

– Daksh Chavan


Diwali is the festival of lights. I loved dancing along with my friends during the

online Diwali celebration. I have learnt the importance of celebrating Diwali.

-Kaden Dias


Diwali is the festival of lights and Hindus celebrate it with great joy. I enjoyed

celebrating my favourite festival with my teacher and friends. It was a happy day

for me. Wishing all my teachers a very Happy Diwali.

-Abhyukt Redij


Std II D

Diwali celebration was awesome. I enjoyed a lot. Thanks teacher for an amazing celebration.

-Aenon Shibu


Today we had online Diwali Celebration. I was excited to wear my party clothes. The PPT showed by my teacher helped me learn about Diwali. Diwali is a festival of lights and a sign of victory of good over evil. I had fun while playing the game. I enjoyed eating my diamond sweets. Thank you.

-Joshua Deniz


Diwali is the festival of lights. It is the victory of good over evil. During today’s online session, we celebrated Diwali virtually . Our teacher told us a short story on Diwali, then spoke about lanterns, rangoli and the sweets we make during Diwali. Then we played fun games. I had real fun today. I enjoyed myself a lot.

-Aniket A Nayak




Std II A

This Diwali, shine like sparkles and burn all negativity like crackles!


Today we had Diwali Celebration in our online class. Before class, Teacher played a Diwali song for us which we enjoyed very much. Teacher told us the story of King Dashrath and his son, Ram, and why we celebrate Diwali. At the end of the class, we all wished Teacher and Teacher also wished us.

  • Aaron Dsilva


We had online Diwali celebrations today. Our teacher told us the story of Lord Ram. She also told us that Diwali was about light over darkness or good over evil. Our teacher also encouraged us not to burst fire crackers as it will not be good for covid patients.

-Khamlianthang Khuptong


During our online class today, our Teacher told us the Diwali story. She also played a song on Diwali which I enjoyed listening to. She then had a quiz for us. I enjoyed myself. Thank you, Vailena Teacher for such a wonderful day.

-Dipanshu Kumar


Today we celebrated Diwali. Teacher played a Diwali song. We enjoyed answering the quiz and seeing pictures of rangolis and lanterns. Teacher also explained to us the purpose of celebrating Diwali. We enjoyed today’s party. Happy Diwali to my Teachers and friends.

-Ved Nagaonkar


Today we had our Diwali celebration during the online school session. Our teacher played a Marathi Diwali song for us at the beginning of the class. She told us the story of Diwali and explained that Diwali is derived from the word, ‘Deepavali’. We enjoyed doing the different activities planned for us – like the quiz and dance. Our teacher wished us and our families a very Happy Diwali. Thank you teacher for this celebration.

  • Aarha Chavan


Our class teacher wished us Happy Diwali today. She played a nice song and then told us the reason for celebrating Diwali. She told us a story on Ram, Laxman and Sita. I learnt a new word and its meaning – exile. I also thoroughly enjoyed colouring the worksheet.

  • Israyal Raj


We celebrated Diwali during our online class today. Our class teacher wished us Happy Diwali and told us the story of Diwali. We learnt the meaning of the word – Diwali. Teacher also taught us a new word – exile, during the story. We had a quiz, a dance session and many other activities during this celebration. We thank our class teacher for this wonderful Diwali celebration.

-Benjamin Philips


Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is celebrated across India with great enthusiasm as it symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Diwali is celebrated twenty days after Lord Ram killed Ravana and rescued Sita from captivity in Lanka. The celebration marks the return of Lord Ram to Ayodhya after fourteen years of exile. Thank you, Ms. Vailena for telling us this story.

-Aayush Choudhary


Today we celebrated Diwali during our online class. There were different activities conducted for us like a Diwali PPT, quiz and dance. Our teacher told us the story of Lord Ram. She also told us to avoid lighting fire crackers; instead, she requested us to use that same money to help some poor person.

  • Aaron David


Today’s class was all about Diwali. Teacher narrated the Diwali story to us. I enjoyed the part where Teacher told us how people lit earthen lamps and lanterns to welcome Lord Ram and Goddess Sita after their vanvaas, ie, exile.

-Lemuel Fernandes


Diwali is a festival of lights, good over evil. During Diwali, people greet each other and distribute sweets. Children burst fire crackers, but I don’t, as I support ‘No pollution’ and I am an environment friendly person.

  • Muhammad Ali


Teacher played a nice Diwali song for us. She explained the reason why people celebrate Diwali. It is the victory of good over evil. Before ending the class, Teacher wished each and everyone a very Happy Diwali and asked us to wish our family members on her behalf.

  • Riaan Dsilva


We celebrated Diwali online today. We learnt the meaning of Diwali. I enjoyed my class a lot.

-Namah Gopreddy


Today our Teacher had an online Diwali celebration for us. She told us all about the festival of Diwali, how and why it is celebrated. All the students enjoyed dancing on the song that was played for us.

-Aaditya Chauhan


Std. III


“Festivals give us reasons to be happy and enjoy life.”


On 11 th November we had Diwali party online. Teacher narrated the story of

Diwali. An informative PowerPoint presentation was shown to us. We also

learnt the safety measures to be followed while bursting crackers. Music was

played and we danced well. Happy Diwali to all!

-Delwyn Noronha III A


Diwali is the festival of lights. We celebrated Diwali online. I enjoyed the party

very much. We all were happy to wish our teacher ‘Happy Diwali’. We also

thanked God for the online class and the successful completion of the First

Term. We will miss our teachers.

-Sarfare Ansh III A

Today we had online Diwali Party. It was a different experience celebrating

with my friends and teachers online. Teacher showed us a presentation telling

us that Diwali is an ancient Hindu festival. It is the festival of lights. But this

year we shouldn’t burst crackers keeping the current covid situation in mind.

This year, let us all celebrate Diwali virtually.

-Khan Mohammed Ali III A


“The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals.”  – Siddharth Katragadda


Diwali is my favourite festival. We enjoyed celebrating it online. Our teacher

showed us an informative presentation giving us useful information about

Diwali. It is the biggest festival of the Hindus. It is a festival of lights. We light

diyas, prepare sweets and wish each other Happy Diwali. I wish this Diwali

brings a glow of joy, prosperity and happiness to all.

-Anay Anchan III B


We at Don Bosco Matunga celebrate Diwali every year. We share sweets with

our friends. This year due to the Corona pandemic we celebrated it virtually.

Our class teacher Mrs. Shahnaaz Abbas explained to us the meaning of Diwali

and that it is the celebration of good over evil. We danced to an action song. It

was a different but a wonderful Diwali celebration. We coloured a beautiful

rangoli on a worksheet. Thanks to our teacher for making the session so

interesting.                                                                  -Montes Fernando III B


Today we celebrated Diwali online. Through a presentation we learnt that it is

the most popular Hindu festival. Diwali symbolizes the victory of light over

darkness, good over evil, hope over despair and knowledge over ignorance.

The word Diwali is derived from the word Deepawali which indicates a row of

lights. We did a lovely worksheet too.                                   -Raj Kadam III B


Today we had our Diwali celebration online. We wore colourful party clothes

and had no lessons. We wished our teacher Happy Diwali and she wished us

too. She told us that we were all looking very nice, Teacher showed us a

presentation about Diwali. We learnt a lot from this presentation. Our Head

Teacher came online to our class and wished us too. We had a quiz on Diwali.

We danced to some lively music. We enjoyed our celebration.

-Nuren Shah III B


Today, we celebrated Diwali in our class and made fun and enjoyed it. Teacher

gave us information about Diwali. What does it mean, how is it celebrated in

our country, and what do people do? It was really knowledgeable as I did not

know many things about Diwali. So, thank you teacher. Then we danced to the

video. We really missed our regular Diwali party as we used to make fun with

friends and also missed the sweets too.

-Royston Lobo III C


On 11th November 2020, Don Bosco Primary School celebrated Diwali. We all

wore colourful clothes and were ready for the Online Diwali Party.

Our class teacher Miss Nerissa asked us a few questions about the festival. She

also showed us an informative presentation on how the festival was named

“Diwali”, what is the main significance of the festival and how people celebrate

the festival. Our teacher also told us that we should take care of animals and

also elders while bursting crackers and should not harm anyone. Our class

teacher also played a video where all the kids danced and enjoyed. At the end of

the event we all wished each other ‘Happy Diwali’. Thank you so much head

teacher Mrs. Griselda, our class teacher Miss Nerissa and all the teachers and

faculty of Don Bosco High school for organizing an online celebration. We are

glad that in the Primary Section all the activities was organised very well even

in this arduous time.

-Rithvik Shenoy III C


Today there was Diwali celebration in our school. Our class teacher showed us

videos and PPT on Diwali. Teacher also played a video of songs and we danced.

We enjoyed the celebration very much.

-Paris More III C


Today we celebrated Diwali party in our online class. Teacher started with her

explanation on why Diwali is celebrated? She also explained the importance of

Diwali and precautions to be taken while bursting crackers. Though crackers are

banned this year but we kids can enjoy some light crackers which are not

harmful as Diwali is a festival of lights and fun. Then our teacher organised a

small game and finally we danced. It was  great fun dancing and playing. I

enjoyed my virtual Diwali party though missed our regular school Diwali party

which use to be more fun. Thank u teacher for all your efforts to make our class

fun with learning.

-Pushkal Chowrasya III D


Today we celebrated ‘Diwali Celebration’ in our online session. We had so much fun. Teacher told us Diwali is the festival of lights and the word Diwali is derived from ‘Deepawali’ which means row of lights. People decorate their homes with ‘Kandeels’ and draw rangoli in front of their homes. On Diwali people dress up in new clothes and light up diyas outside the house. People exchange sweets and wish each other ‘Happy Diwali’. We enjoyed the Diwali Celebration.

-Vihaan Tawde III D


Today we had Diwali celebration in class. Diwali is a festival of lights. We were all wearing colourful clothes. Few students made lanterns from paper and showed it to our class teacher. There was a nice slide shown on Deepawali, importance of Laxmi Pooja and how people celebrate this festival and how they decorate their homes with lanterns and diyas and put rangoli outside their houses was well explained. The do’s and don’ts for bursting crackers were explained in detail. We played a different Alphabet game. We had good fun. We danced on peppy music and enjoyed. It was a short class today but it will be an add on to our sweet memories of online school.

Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali in advance ✨🎆🪔 Stay safe and healthy. Enjoy Diwali vacations with family and friends. Thank you.

-Zeeshan Sayed III D


Online Diwali party was a lot of fun. Teacher told us about why the festival of

lights is celebrated. We decorate our houses with rangoli, light lamps and put

lanterns in the house to celebrate Diwali. Firecrackers are burst during Diwali

celebrations but we were informed about why we should not burst loud crackers as it can hurt birds and animals. Even senior citizens may not be able tolerate the loud sounds. We should not harm birds or animals while enjoying ourselves. Wish everyone a very Happy Diwali and a wonderful holiday season.

-Kiaan Shetye III D



Std. IV

“The Season that brings good luck and happiness to all.”

Diwali Celebration — Today was the most awaited morning just like every year when we have Diwali celebrations at school. We all were happy to wake up, dress up and to meet everyone to celebrate Diwali. Kashmira Teacher had specifically told us to wear ethnic clothes. She wanted to create an atmosphere what we usually have in school. We played games and saw some videos. We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much Teacher for making online education easy as well as celebrations happier and merrier. A very Happy Diwali to you and to all my other teachers who have worked very hard for us this year. My mind is already full with ideas of what all I am going to do at my granny’s place for Diwali vacation!!!!

-Rushaan Marolikar IV D


Today was another enjoyable day online. Teacher showed us a power point presentation and explained the importance of the Festival of Lights. I really enjoyed dancing to the tune of ‘Follow the Leader.’ Head teacher also wished us a very Happy Diwali. I never thought we would have celebrations like this online. Thank-you to the members of the Management and our Class teacher. Don Bosco School Rocks!!!

-Nirmit Yelamkar IV D


It was a surprise for my parents and me that our teacher celebrated Diwali just the same way as we would have celebrated it in school. We only missed the party time. Thank you teacher we enjoyed guessing the jingles of the songs you played for us. I will share all these activities with my grandparents when I meet them.

-Aryan Parab IV D


Today 11th November 2020, we the boys of the Primary Section, had Virtual Diwali celebration. I got to learn many facts about this festival. The teacher mentioned the safety measures to be taken while letting off crackers. I thoroughly enjoyed this day along with my friends. This was a great experience for all of us. I thank the school management and our teachers for taking the trouble of conducting all the activities online.

Yaksh Karkera IV C


Today we had a Virtual Diwali celebration. Our class teacher began the programme with a prayer. After the prayer our teacher explained to us the significance of this festival. She asked a few questions based on her explanation. Later we were asked to dance to the music that our teacher played. It was really a great day for all of us as we enjoyed every bit of the programme that was conducted for us. I am fortunate to be in this institution which provides us with the best of the things for our all- round development. Thank you teachers for arranging such a lovely programme. I really enjoyed the day.

-Ayaan Sakarwala IV C


We had our Virtual Diwali celebration. It was indeed a great day. We learnt the importance of this festival. Our teacher explained to us every small detail about this festival. She also instructed, about the safety measures to be followed while letting off crackers. We had to do a worksheet where we had to draw a rangoli of our choice. It was as amazing experience to do that. I enjoyed the entire session.  Thanks to our teachers.

-Agnelo D’Souza IV C




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