The India I dream of!

-Master Onir Terence D’Souza 6 C

“Sare Jahan se accha Hindustan humara,

Hum bulbulehainiski, ye Gulistan humara”

Every time I hear this song, I feel very proud to be an Indian. I love my motherland and I wish my country to be best in the world. I wish that no one dare say that it is a developing country. It should become a great nation with it’s talented and capable citizens.

When there are riots or fights among the people, I get disturbed and worried. I dream of a country that is discrimination free. Where every child has the right to get basic education. A country that is corruption free. Where important facilities are given to the agricultural sector which is the backbone of our economy. I dream that my country become the best country in the world to live in.


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