2 March, 2017


AakarshNair   IX C

The National Cadet Corps (NCC)troop  ventured into the hilltops of  Harishchandragad, as a part of their annual trek on the 25th and 26th of February..
The bus,transporting the cadets, zipped through the Nasik  Expressway tarmac,  passed  Igatpuri, Ghoti, Rajur and trundled  through the rocky  narrow roads of the Western Ghats.  After a four and a half hour ride, it  dropped the cadets off at Pachnai village located in   Ahmednagar district,   the base camp for the trek. After a wholesome lunch, the total of forty  cadets who had taken on the challenge to scale the top, got ready for the climb. Under the leadership of the NCC Master, Mr. Hiramani Shukla and accompanied by Mr. NehalSalunkhe, Mr. Anthony Chinappan, Mr. JalindraShinde and Mr. William Fernandes, the trek commenced. With the scorching summer sun of the afternoon, and a stamp of ‘difficult’ given by INDIAHIKES, the trek sure wasn’t a cakewalk. Timely breaks were hence taken to balance the  exhaustingtrail.

The first part of the trek saw the cadets walking up comparatively flat terrain with scattered greenery surrounding them. This was followed by, as the locals said ‘the mushkilphase’ spanning almost half the trip with golden rocks and breathtaking cliffs to be with them throughout their journey. At the end of this particular phase the group reached the  temple of Harishchandreshwar with its  ancient architecture and history, to act as a rest stop. With the destination being in sight and a kilometer away, the troops marshalled on for another half an hour, to be just in time to view the scenic sunset on the edges of the SUNSET POINT at Konkan Kada, their ultimate destination. Konkan Kada is a cliff from where one gets a panoramic view of the Konkan. It is a major attraction for trekkers.

“It was great to see the horizon during the sunset,” said Samay Shetty, an NCC Cadet.  Ethan Sequeira opined,” The trek is indeed a test of one’s fitness and stamina.”

After the sights were well taken in by everyone, the cadets moved over to their respective tents, where they would spend the rest of the night. Later in the evening, the boys got to taste the local food served to them by the residents around. The full tummies and exhausted bodies of the cadets dragged them to their tents to rest  for the night.

An early morning start was there on the cards for the descent, the next day. With heads held high and with a sense of accomplishment, the Boscoites reached the base in three  hours- an hour faster than the ascent .  The cadets bid adieu to the golden rocks of the hills and departed home.

Varun Shenoy said,” I was struck by the rugged beauty of Konkan kada. Sleeping in a tent was a novel experience for me. The trek helped us to band together as a team and  lend a helping hand as we scaled rough and steep patches.”

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