“The ship sails with music as its captain!”- Band performance on the marvelous annual day!

-Master Aditya Subramaniam 9 D (The drummer in the school band)

The school band of Don Bosco Matunga dressed in red was all set for the grand annual day of the school on the 7th and 8th February 2020. The band set the tone for the evening by welcoming the chief guest with a grand yet solemn march piece ‘Katyusha’ which was a song sung by a Russian lady for her husband during the cold war between the Soviet Union and the USA. Listening to this piece swelled the mood of the audience for the rest of the annual day. The band was then introduced to the audience. Thereafter the band played two rocking pieces “Super Instinct’ by the violin wizard L Subramaniam and ‘Spanish flea’ by the Tijuana brass band. The joy of the audience knew no bounds on hearing this rendition by the school band and the band players received a rousing ovation.

The school band practiced very hard for this big day; many days of practice and handwork were rewarded by our performance on the annual day. It was for the first time that the junior members from standard 5 performed with us. They had stage fear but the able training of the band master Sir Saby Franco allayed their stage fear.

The audience present had high praise for our performance on the two days of the annual program. A Facebook note from Miss Lynette Sequeira from Don Bosco Borivali reads, “The band was truly outstanding. Sir Saby is really a musical magician. It is amazing how such little children can be trained to play so well that they almost sound like a harmonious orchestra. Well done Sir Saby and all the children who are a part of the band!” Last but not the least the principal of the school, Fr. Bernard Fernandes, in his vote of thanks had this to say, “I am always impressed by a group of students’ performance-the school band, they were¬†just magnificent!” As a drummer of the band, I had a great experience playing on such a gigantic¬†stage. The band boys are truly proud to be trained and guided by the talented band master Sir Saby. Thanks to the school that gives us an opportunity to showcase our talents!


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