The strange planets

– Master Naved Shaikh 9C

My interest for astronomy developed when first read the books about the space and universe. Space study is not boring at all. There are a lot of amazing things out there. From the showers of rock to 100 degrees Celsius ice, universe has a lot to reveal. While researching I came across some of the strange planets which really exist. Some of you will be amazed, some surprised and most even haven’t heard of any. In this article I would like share the top three of them in my opinion.

Coming at number three `HD 189733-6‘, this planet is located few hundred light years away from earth. The climate here is bit windy. The wind blows at 29 times the speed of sound. This is one of the fastest speed of wind found in the universe. The average temperature, 950°C -which is probably not good. The most deadly thing about this planet is `Glass‘; glass runs parallel to its surface at almost the same speed of sound, Ooh! That’s gonna hurt a lot, this is actual hell in universe.

The number two is really mind boggling- the planet `436-B‘. This planet is totally covered in ice, so you might be thinking what is so interesting about it. It’s the ice, yes you read it right it’s the ice here; the temperature ranges from 800 to 900°F! Oh! Hot isn’t it? The planet is at the same distance to its star which is Venus, so how is this made up of ice. The planet has very strong gravitational pull which holds the water molecules very close which results in the formation of ice. This ice is not the ice which we have here on earth, it is formed by pressure. So it has made its way to the second rank

It has been far fierce in our previous entries, so let’s come to a really good and precious one. Ruling at number one, the planet 55 Cancri is the dream of every greedy person on this planet. This planet is made up of DIAMOND! Yes it is a planet made totally of diamond. Scientist believe this planet was formed when a star was dead, instead of exploding or forming a black hole its carbon got compressed under Immense pressure and heat which resulted in forming this diamond planet.  That’s a caring planet isn’t it ? The temperature is estimated at about 2500°C. The value of this planet is (26 900 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) dollars that’s $26.9 nonillion, cha ching!! The earth total value is nearly 350 to 400 trillion dollars, yes that means it is more expensive than the earth itself . Wait, who’s going to build that much big safe?

Isn’t the knowledge of astronomy interesting? God has created an amazing, breathtaking universe, and the least we can do for it is appreciate it and value it.

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