The three most powerful words

-Master Krish Fernandes 8B

 ”Three most powerful words existing on earth that can affect a person’s mentality are simple, they are ‘yes’, ‘no’ and ‘thank you”.  These words are highlighted by Madame Rhonda Bryne in her self written book ‘THE MAGIC’. My opinions on these words are that they are very true.

In time you will come to know yourself the existing power of these three words. Going in deeper when we say ‘no’ to someone it takes a negative effect on the mind of the person in front of you but only you know that you said NO for some good reason or you would have some problem. On the other hand when we say ‘ thank you’ it gives a sign of affection and gratefulness. It always has a positive effect on the mind of someone we are grateful to. And now the most powerful word among the three ‘yes’. Actually no one can ever understand this word because it has so many feelings in a person’s brain. But from the experience of Madame Rhonda Bryne  and many other people, it is seen in many cases that whenever you say ‘yes’ to any negative or positive thing it will at the end lead to something good. When you say ‘yes’ to anything you are accepting an opportunity to go ahead .Every’ yes’ is an opportunity of doing good. And the one who says ‘yes’ to everyone or everything he is called a ‘YES MAN’. And believe me the ones who are YES MANS are the ones who are always happy in the end, even in sorrow.

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