The thrills of our class picnic to Imagica

-Ryan D’Souza V D

Our picnic to Imagica Theme Park was real fun. On the day of the picnic, 13th Nov 2019, we had to report to school at 7.40 am because the journey to the picnic spot was very long. The journey took us two and half hours. When we reached Adlabs Imagica, our destination, we had to wait for 15 minutes for the initial registration. Each of us was given a Band to tie around our wrist without which we had no entry in the Theme park. Once our check-in was done we went on the rides and started to enjoy these. After two hours of fun at the rides and the shows, we had our lunch.

After lunch we had another 3 hours and 30 minutes on hand to enjoy more rides and scout the place. There were many shops from which we could buy toys, ice-creams, drinks etc. Everything was very expensive, so only a few children ventured to buy things. At 3.30pm we gathered at the main entrance to leave for school.

On our journey back we had lot of fun in the bus. Some children slept in the bus because they were very tired. We were happy and thrilled after a day of fun and excitement, and when we reached home we narrated the adventures of our Imagica trip to our parents.



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