23 January, 2017

The Universe.

– Manav Sheth (IX-A)

Universe had planets which were nine

All lightened by the sun shine.

The sun is so shiny…

Mercury being next to it is very tiny.


Venus is the brightest,

Pluto has gone down to rest,

Life exists on planet Earth,

It wears a blue-green colored shirt.


The sun is largest among all Stars,

Next to earth lies planet Mars,

The milky way is very waxy,

Jupiter is the largest planet on galaxy.


Taking a round is also called a turn,

Surrounded by precious rings is planet Saturn

Brains are present in humans like us,

Which has made it possible to discover Uranus

And who doesn’t like to ride through a dune ?

Wanna try it ? Let’s go to Neptune,

The universe is loaded with millions of bays,

So, our universe is known as the milky way…







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