-Arnav  Sawant-Std VIII and Himanshu  Lohote-Std IX

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

 Waffle is a small crisp batter cake, baked in a waffle iron and eaten hot with butter or syrup.

The different types of waffles and its uniqueness

There are flavors that are classics such as the honey and maple syrup, flavors which are European such as the fruit compotes, cream cheese and peanut butter, and flavors which are timeless such as the chocolates and Nutella. We also get frozen ice cream waffles as well as a dark chocolate batter that are quite popular. The most unique aspect of the product is the batter. Special care is taken to work with Swiss standards. They ensure that the  batter is natural as possible and contains no added preservatives or artificial flavors.

 The top selling waffles

It is difficult to compete with Nutella. From inception, the Naked Nutella has been the best seller. However, other popular favorites include the Chocolate Overload with our dark chocolate batter and the Belgian Milk Chocolate. The ice cream waffles are also quite popular.

Customized  waffles

The idea of a waffle sandwich is what makes the waffles very convenient as an on the go snack. Eating a strawberry and cream cheese waffle with one hand, without a plate, knife or fork and on the go is definitely something that is unique. We need to  make sure  that the baking time is quick so that each waffle comes freshly baked right off the iron with no compromise on the product quality or wait time. The pocket packaging adds to the ease and appeal of an on-the-go treat.

Consumer response

Indians are fairly unique and diverse when it comes to taste preference the brand stands for premium at an affordable price. The product and concept has really been appreciated well and is gaining a lot of attraction.

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