Tokyo 2020- Olympics of the Future

Contributed by: – Vibhoor Hazare ,Himanshu Lohote, Std. IX

(This article was published in Times NIE, 26th March 2018)

Japan is the land of cartoons and is the birthplace of anime. They love their cartoon characters so much that their mascots are cute cartoon characters; even their police’s mascot is a cute little critter. Mascots are a popular element of modern Japanese culture.

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games unveiled the Tokyo 2020 mascots. According to the Olympic Games website, more than 2,000 entries were submitted to be considered for the Tokyo 2020 mascots. Three designs were selected and then sent to nearly 17,000 Japanese elementary schools. The students voted on their favorites, and chose a design by 43-year-old graphic designer Ryo Taniguchi as the winner.The children selected two mascots that embody both ancient tradition and new innovation,”

The theme of the Tokyo Olympics is “innovation from harmony,” so there is a futuristic vibe to the two characters representing the 2020 Olympic Games. And while the mascots for the Olympics and Paralympics look pretty similar, they do have some differences in their cutesy appearance. The mascot for the Olympics is dark blue and appears to have a visor, while the mascot for the Paralympics is “cherry blossom pink” and appears to have wings.

The mascot of the Olympic Games carries diverse meaning to the games itself, but also to the culture of the host country.

The first official mascot was at the Summer Games in Munich in 1972 and it was a dachshund named “Waldi”.

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